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Order bumper sticker in 4 steps

You can easily order bumper stickers online and quickly. In this tutorial we show how fast it goes.

You can easily design car stickers online at myfolie and order them quickly. How fast that goes, we explain to you here in this article. Today we want to order a rectangular sticker with a logo. All you need is a file that contains your logo in a good resolution.

Orderbumper sticker with your own motif

Let's say you have your logo as a PDF file and you want to put it on your car. It should be a rectangular sticker that can be applied quickly. You want to mount it on the driver and passenger side and it should be about 60 x 40 cm.

1. upload file:

Your file could look like this. This is best created in a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, etc.. If you want to have the best possible quality, make sure that your file is created as a vector file. In this case, the graphic can be enlarged as much as you like without any loss of quality. Alternatively, you can use a high-resolution pixel file that you have saved as a PDF file.


(The frame here only represents the limitation of the PDF file).

You can now upload this file in our configurator for your own motifs. Simply click on Upload file under point 1. Afterwards your screen should show approximately the following picture:


You can now see the preview for your sticker on the right. The white area marks everything you will get later as a bumper sticker. (It corresponds to the area of your PDF file.) We can now determine the dimensions of this area more precisely.

2. define properties for the sticker

Now you can design your bumper sticker. First you determine the desired size. You can choose the width or the height under point 2 (the corresponding height or width will be determined automatically based on your file). In addition, the quality of your file is displayed at the selected size. Make sure that you get at least 3 stars. Otherwise the quality will not allow a good print result. Under point 3 you now select the surface (the protective laminate). For car stickers it is recommended to choose a shiny surface, because the sticker will blend in nicely with the shiny overall appearance of your car.

Now we come to the important point 4 of the design. Here you determine in which form your sticker will be produced.


Your sticker will be produced as a flat sticker as you can see in the preview. We print your motif on a white adhesive foil, seal it with the desired laminate and punch it out at the corresponding edge in a rectangular shape.

Outer contour:

We remove most of the background of your motif. A narrow white outline is placed around the individual elements of your graphic and then cut out. (see example below)

Without Backgroundand:

Your motif is completely freed from the background.All elements are then provided with a transfer foil, with which you can stick the individual parts coherently on the car. After the assembly really only your motive (in this case only the rocket and the writing) sticks on your vehicle. There is no transparent or white background foil (the motive is plotted out).

For our car sticker we want to choose the rectangular shape. You can get detailed information about the individual production methods by clicking on "What is this?


Point 5 allows you to attach the sticker behind a pane of glass. We mirror your motive and you can stick it e.g. in the rear window from the inside and the motive can be read correctly from the outside.

Under point 6 you could add a white border to your motif. Would be interesting for a rectangular shape and with the option outer contour. Finally, you have the choice whether you would like us to check your file. If you are not sure, then choose the option data check. We will then check your file for feasibility and quality for your desired bumper sticker.

3. order car sticker

When you have defined your sticker, you can check the overview at the end. Now you just have to put it in the shopping cart with the desired number of pieces (Tip: We already grant a high discount from two pieces). In the shopping cart you can check your adhesive foils again. For the installation we recommend to use a squeegee as an application aid. Afterwards you order your car advertising comfortably in the checkout with one click.

4. apply the sticker

A few days after your order you will receive your package with your personal car stickers. All you have to do now is put them on your car. Just read our installation instructions for digital print stickersand you will enjoy your car advertising for a long time.

By the way: Of course you can not only order your own motifs from us. If you also want to apply adhesive lettering or adhesive letters, for example, you can simply design these yourself online.