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Children's room redesign made simple

The children's room should shine in new splendor and are looking for the perfect idea? With our wide selection, you can let your imagination run wild.

Bring the animal world on the wall - with our wall tattoos

Dive with your child deep into the world of animals and create your own colorful animal world with our wall tattoos. Whether penguin, rhinoceros or horses, we offer a huge selection of motifs, there is something for every child! And should an animal not be there, you can upload your own motif in our configurator or choose one from a total of 22 million images.
What to do when the children get older and the motifs are no longer age-appropriate? Our wall tattoos can be removed at any time without leaving any residue. So you can adapt the design of the children's room at any time to the wishes of your child.

Wall mural

You want to decorate a whole wall with a great motif or picture? No problem! With our photo wallpapers you can easily apply large motifs on your wall. Here, too, you have a huge selection of motifs from which you can choose freely. If you want to upload your own motif to our configurator, please make sure that the quality of the source file is suitable for a large motif. You can find more information about what you have to pay attention to here.

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Floor stickers in the children's room14

Only walls to beautify is too boring for you? Then get creative with our floor stickers! With them you can put your favourite motifs on the floor and remove them at any time - without leaving any residues! You can also easily apply small playing fields on the floor and turn the children's room into a playground for your children.

Window pictures with adhesive foil

Apply some beautiful motifs to the window in the children's room and beautify the view! With our adhesive films, also called static films, you can easily and quickly apply motifs to a window, without any glue or adhesive residue. You can remove the films at any time and place them somewhere else, because the adhesive force of the films are held in place by physical forces and therefore no glue is necessary. You want to know more about it? then look here.

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Turn tables into playing fields

Our adhesive films are also perfect to be applied on smooth surfaces like tables or similar. Use this to turn a boring table into a playing field for your child's favorite game! There are no limits: No matter if a chess board or a "ludo" board, everything is allowed and possible! Even a small road map would be conceivable, which your child can use to play with the toy cars. Simply upload your motif in the configurator, choose the right size and apply your creative foil to the table in the children's room in just a few days.

Touch up furniture

You know that, especially smaller children like to put the pencil in places where it does not fit, for example on furniture or walls. You can easily repair and cover damaged areas with our adhesive foils. Furniture fronts, such as cabinet doors or drawers of chests of drawers, you can either stick with a single-colored film and thus give the room a whole new touch or you choose a beautiful motif and transform the children's room, for example, in a jungle paradise. There are no limits to your imagination! You can also upload your own motif in our configurator and design and cut it according to your wishes.