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Digital Print on PVC-free Vinyl FilmYour design as car decal, shop window adhesive or sticker

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PVC-free (environmentally friendly & sustainable) Individual Design For Indoor and Outdoor use High-Quality Vinyl and Print

100.0 mm = 10.00 cm
100.0 mm = 10.00 cm
materials.STICKER_PVC_FREE.title, Glossy protective coating
materials.STICKER_PVC_FREE.title, No protective coating




Your motif as a rectangular sticker. Choose this option and your design will be cut out exactly as shown in the preview. The checkered background is only for display and will be cut away later.


Your design with outline cut. Select this option and your design will be cut on the outer edge with a 2mm gap. The checkered background is for display only and will be cut away later.


Your motif freeform / without background. Choose this option and your motif will be produced without background (cut in freeform). Only the individual shapes will remain. The checkered background is for display only and will be cut away later.

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SummaryDigital Print on PVC-free Vinyl Film

Production Data Guidelines Production Data Guidelines

  • materialmaterials.STICKER_PVC_FREE.title, Glossy protective coating
  • CuttingRectangular
  • Sizechange size
    100.0 mm x 100.0 mm (10.00 cm x 10.00 cm)
  • Print4/0-color, (one-sided printing, CMYK)
4.99  / piece
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Product Description

Discover the limitless possibilities of digital printing on PVC-free adhesive film! With our state-of-the-art technology, we transform your ideas into impressive, vibrant advertising messages. Here are some reasons why you should choose our service:

- Environmentally friendly: Our PVC-free adhesive film is an eco-conscious choice that not only fulfils your promotional needs, but also protects the environment. Reduce your ecological footprint without compromising on print quality.

- Versatility: Our polypropylene (PP) adhesive film is a PVC-free choice for temporary promotional graphics, for example in shops or at events. For outdoor use, the optional glossy protective coating extends durability.

- Ease of application: The water-based, solvent-free pressure-sensitive adhesives enable application to a wide variety of substrates

- Cost-effectiveness: With our digital printing on PVC-free adhesive film, you not only get first-class quality, but also a cost-effective solution for your advertising needs. Maximise your advertising impact with minimal budget outlay.

Take advantage of digital printing on PVC-free adhesive film to get your message across effectively.

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