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Adhesive letters
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Create your own adhesive letters!

Adhesive letters are cut from coloured sheets, have no background and are quickly applied to any smooth surface. They are great for shop window inscriptions and car labelling. As only the writing sticks to the surface, they fit in perfectly with the overall picture and look as painted. You can personalise your individual adhesive letters online. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, colours, and font types.Customize your texts and fonts as you wish.

Adhesive letters as domain stickers with an Internet address

Adhesive films are especially used as domain stickers. The font with the web address can be applied without any background on all smooth surfaces such as vehicles, shop windows or walls.

create now Domain stickers online >>

Adhesive letters as address stickers

Create your own address sticker for shop windows or as car labeling online. With adhesive text you can professionally and simply stick your address yourself. For example, Can also be used as sign inscriptions for companies and clinics.

Create your own address sticker >>

Adhesive letters with your phone number

Telephone numbers can be useful in a variety of areas. As adhesive letters, you may find them (for example) on vehicles, signs and especially frequently on shop windows. If you want to offer your customers fast contact, you can quickly and conveniently place your telephone number as adhesive lettering in the desired location.

Create now your phone number as adhesive lettering>>

Adhesive letters as door inscription

In buildings, it is important for visitors to get to grips quickly and enter the right room. As a rule, a door inscription helps. Letters, numbers or texts as adhesive letters are applied to the door and stick without background or transparent foil on the surface. They can be removed residue-free and can be quickly replaced.

Order adhesive letters as door inscription >>

Adhesive letters with your name

You can order your name or the name of your company simply as adhesive lettering. Often, these adhesive foils are used on letterboxes, bell signs or elevator panels. They can be easily replaced and look as if they were printed.

Order your name as adhesive lettering >>

How do the adhesive letters develop?

From the coloured foil to the adhesive letter

Adhesive letters are cut from a coloured adhesive film using a so-called cutting plotter. The knife of the cutting plotter cuts through only the adhesive film, not the underlying carrier paper. The excess adhesive film is then removed around the adhesive letters. The now released letters are covered with a transfer foil, which holds all the letters in the right place. With the transfer foil, the individual adhesive letters can be glued to the desired surface in one process. After the application, the transfer film is peeled off and the letters individually adhere to the desired surface. There is no background film. Adhesive letters are distinguished by the fact that they are very resistant to weathering and UV radiation. The sticky side has the same colour as the surface and can also be attached behind glass. This allows the films to be protected even better and read from the outside. The prefabricated colour films are available in many different colours and surfaces. Multi-coloured adhesive letters can also be produced.

The assembly of the adhesive foils is very easy here. The carrier paper protects the adhesive side of the letters. If the carrier paper is removed, the adhesive side is exposed and the entire label can be placed in the right place. A squeegee (assembly aid) can help to install the font without bubbles and creases. After sticking it should be ensured that the letters be painted thoroughly and firmly. As a result, the adhesive adheres better to the substrate and the transfer foil can now be removed without problems. This is then peeled off at an acute angle so that the actual adhesive foil remains on the substrate. The font now sticks as a single letter on the ground. Small bubbles can simply be pierced with a thin needle and pressed out. Find more about our adhesive foil in the help area.

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