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Static foil with desired motif

Static foil with desired motif

  • Vorteil: Adhesive film Without adhesive
  • Vorteil: Easy to install and remove
  • Vorteil: Can be reused as often as required
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50.0 mm = 5.00 cm
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What is static film?

Static film is a special film that adheres to various surfaces without adhesive. In addition, it is reusable and removable without residue. Static film is therefore ideal for seasonal or short-term advertising campaigns, whether you want to stick it on a shop window or on a vehicle for marketing purposes. With the help of this type of film you can, for example, apply Easter or Christmas stickers to a discount campaign or your shop window.

In the following we will tell you what static foil actually is, how it works and for which purposes it is particularly suitable.

Background knowledge: Adhesive film

The technical term for static film is adhesive film. The term is derived from the Latin word "adhaerere" and means something like "to adhere". Accordingly, an adhesive film is a film that adheres without any adhesive. Adhesive films have an attachment or adhesion force so that they adhere to smooth surfaces without adhesive. This is due to the force of attraction between the molecules of the film and the surface. This effect is used in advertising technology, among others. We print the laminated adhesion films and cut them with the help of a plotter. The finished foil stickers, which are made of a smooth and soft PVC foil, adhere to all smooth surfaces such as glass and are very easy to apply. In our online configurator you can create your own adhesive lettering or motifs as static foil.

What is the principle behind adhesive films?

In order to understand how static films work, you need to take a trip into physics. Adhesion is a force by which molecules or atoms of different materials are held together. An example of the force of adhesion is the drops of water adhering to the glass panes of the shower cubicle. The adhesion forces were discovered by the Dutch physicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals. He found out that they are based on electrostatic charge. For this reason, adhesive films are also called static films.

Static window film

Due to the adhesive forces, static window film does not need an adhesive on its backside, because, as already explained, it adheres due to the electrostatic attraction between the window glass and the film. The advantages of self-adhesive or static window films are obvious: not only are they easy to install, as the film does not stick to the hands, but they can also be repositioned and removed in no time at all. In addition, you can reuse the window film several times after removing it in dust-free storage. Basically, the adhesive strength of adhesive films depends on the surface. In this respect, the flatter and smoother the surface, the better the adhesion of the film. Adhesion is also impaired by dirt and dust particles. So before you apply a static window film, you should clean the glass surfaces thoroughly. If you want to use the adhesive film more than once, it is advisable to clean the film with conventional soapy water, as this will restore the adhesive power. It is helpful to use a squeegee when mounting the film. With the help of this tool you can easily eliminate the air bubbles that sometimes appear between the glass and the film. Static window film should also be mounted with cotton gloves to avoid unsightly fingerprints on the adhesive film. For example, if you have a film with seasonal printing that you can reuse every year, you should make sure that the film is stored clean and flat. Dust and dirt particles as well as kinks cause an uneven surface so that the static window film does not adhere well.

Static foil made to measure

Whether you want to apply a static film to a shop window, a vehicle or any other smooth surface, it is an excellent alternative to conventional adhesive film. Static films are also ideal for providing glass doors or glass walls with an attractive privacy screen or with a decoration to match the season or style of interior decoration.

Apply the static foil correctly

You have decided on a certain motif, ordered your film and now you want to apply it professionally? You should observe a few rules when installing the film: Make sure that the surface, regardless of whether it is glass or another smooth material, is free of grease and particles of dust and dirt. The easiest way to install the film is to choose wet bonding. With this variant, there is a film of water between the film and the surface to be bonded. Thanks to this, even microscopically small unevenness is evened out and the contact area is increased. The best way is to spray the surface to be bonded with water, which can also be mixed with a little washing-up liquid, apply the film and carefully remove the backing paper. With the help of the squeegee you can carefully brush out the water and any air bubbles that may have formed. Positioning the backing paper between the static film and the squeegee reduces the risk of damaging the film during installation. If you also wear cotton gloves, you avoid unsightly fingerprints on the adhesive film. If you follow these tips, the installation of the static film will usually succeed without any problems!

You can also find a lot of information and hints about static foils in our blog


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