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Photo wallpaper with your picture

Photo wallpaper with your picture

Photo wallpaper with your desired motif in any size.

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The photo wallpaper - perfect for a creative wall design

Photo canvas

Individual design, stretched on wooden frame and easy to install
from 15,21€

Photo wallpapers are currently experiencing a grandiose comeback. The wallpaper in large format impresses with fascinating motives of all kinds. In addition, there is the possibility to have your own motifs printed on the wallpaper. If you want to design your own photo wallpaper you are at the right address at myfolie.com. We offer photo wallpapers in your desired dimensions and with your own motives. A short explanation: Choose wallpaper type and size, upload file with motif, order! We produce fast and carefully, the delivery arrives punctually and reliably. You only have to attach the desired wallpaper yourself!

Conventional or self-designed - these differences are important

The choice of motifs in retail is huge, ranging from nature and animal motifs to city views. Creative, imaginative or abstract motifs are also available. However, the dimensions are often fixed to certain standard sizes. If you are looking for an individual wallpaper with your special desired dimensions, you can design your own photo wallpaper with us. Your ideas will be shown to their best advantage. The measurements are individually matched to the dimensions of the wall. Whether portrait or landscape format, extra large formats or the combination of several sizes for an extraordinary interior design, everything is possible. So you can set accents in your living rooms or attract attention in your company with an exclusive photo wallpaper. The photo wallpaper can be made of different materials. Very popular are for example wallpapers made of strong, tearproof paper or washable non-woven wallpapers. When printing, we pay attention to a careful production, the colors remain permanently expressive and bright. The UV protection ensures that the colours do not fade even in long-term sunlight. With modern printing techniques, not only large-format motifs can be printed excellently, but also fine lettering. Let us surprise you: The results are great if you want to design your own photo wallpaper!

Fototapete Beispiel Wald
Fototapete Beispiel Laptop mit Strand

With the photo wallpaper the wall becomes an eye-catcher!

With the self-design of the photo wallpaper you have countless possibilities. The successful snapshot of your children at play can become just as much a creative wallpaper as your favourite motif from your last holiday. Photos from a professional photographer are of course also suitable. In the living room the motive wallpaper makes itself excellent, for example on the wall behind the sofa. Matched to the room colours and your personal furnishing style, you choose your desired motif and order the wallpaper in the appropriate sizes. Your own motif is always a source of fond memories! If you love a puristic style, you can also choose a wallpaper print in black and white. Just as effective: sepia tones fit into a nostalgic environment and emphasize the vintage look in your home. In the children's room and bedroom as well as in the kitchen, the wallpapers are also a sophisticated eye-catcher. Choose the motifs to match the room and the intended use, and you will create a great wall decoration! In a business environment, the furnishing of business premises can have an amazing effect. The photo wallpaper makes itself outstanding in the reception area of law firms and practices. The lounge for your employees can be easily embellished with the matching wallpaper in large format. Directly at the workplace a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere is created with a carefully selected wallpaper. If you want to design it yourself with a photo, you have the best conditions with your own motifs and individual dimensions: The wallpaper always fits exactly into the respective environment!

Design and order photo wallpaper yourself - that's how it works!

On our website we guide you step by step safely through the ordering process. You choose the wallpaper type and size. We deliver standard sizes and special sizes. Then you upload the appropriate file with your desired motif. Different file formats are possible. If possible, make sure that the resolution is high so that the motif can be printed perfectly. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about the ordering process and uploading. We convert the file into a printable file and calculate the exact printing data. The result shows a top photo quality that is worth seeing. As soon as the order is completed, we start production. The wallpaper will arrive at your home professionally packed after a few days. Already during the order you will be informed about the expected delivery date. The wallpaper is cut exactly in strips, so that a problem-free wallpapering is guaranteed. When attaching, we recommend a high-quality wallpaper paste. Convince yourself now of the excellent quality of our photo wallpaper with your favorite motives! Design them according to your wishes and ideas and enjoy the fantastic room effect of an extraordinary and unique wall design!

Fototapete Beispiel Schwarz-Weiß

Frequently asked questions about photo wallpapers

Does the photo wallpaper adhere to any surface?

Our photo wallpapers adhere to smooth and dust-free surfaces. You should clean the surface and the corresponding areas thoroughly from dirt and dust. So you avoid unattractive inclusions under the wallpaper after sticking. The best thing is to check beforehand which surfaces are available for the photo wallpaper.

How do I stick a photo wallpaper correctly?

Recommended is a 'away from the light' attachment. This application can be done in two different techniques. Gluing on butt joint and gluing with double seam cut. A gluing on butt joint can only be done with cleanly cut prints. For double seam cut gluing, the white edges must be cut off down to the motif in a dry state. Then align the strips on the wall in the area of overlap and press them on bubble-free with a rubber roller or wallpaper spatula. In order to get a clean night-time image, a double seam cut should be made, the wallpaper and adhesive residues removed and slightly reworked with a seam roller. Press any excess wallpaper into the corners with a plastic spatula and trim with a cutter knife. Remove paste stains on the surface immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

What do I have to consider before gluing?

The substrate for gluing photo wallpaper must be dry, clean and smooth. Old wallpaper and non-adhesive paints must be completely removed before. If your surface is rough and uneven, you must smooth it with a gypsum-based filler. Smooth gypsum plasters must be pre-glued with a diluted paste. Highly absorbent surfaces on the other hand must be primed with a solvent-free primer. If you use the wall gluing technique, you must ensure that an even absorbency is guaranteed.

What is a wall bonding technique?

In a wall bonding technique, an adhesive is applied to the wall and then the dry webs are placed on the adhesive bed.

Which files can I use for a photo wallpaper?

The better the quality of the source file for the photo wallpaper is, the more beautiful and high-quality the photo wallpaper itself will be in the end. Therefore, it is worthwhile here to create high-resolution graphics, motifs and fonts to achieve a particularly good end result.

For which purposes is a photo wallpaper still suitable?

In addition to use in your own home, photo wallpapers are also suitable for other dry, load-bearing, even, absorbent, clean, smooth and flat surfaces. Examples of applications of a photo wallpaper:

  • Interior wall design and decoration
  • Exhibition and shop fitting
  • Decoration at events
  • As a photo wall in the team room
  • Sauna and wellness area

Do you have any questions? Our service team is looking forward to your message.

We look forward to your order and wish you a lot of fun with our photo wallpaper. You can find a lot of information and hints about photo wallpaper in our blog


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Delivered ready for assembly

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