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Your photo on canvas

Your photo on canvas

High quality print on real canvas with your favourite picture!

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  • 300 mm x 300 mm (30.0 cm x 30.0 cm)
  • 400 mm x 300 mm (40.0 cm x 30.0 cm)
  • 400 mm x 600 mm (40.0 cm x 60.0 cm)
  • 600 mm x 400 mm (60.0 cm x 40.0 cm)
  • 900 mm x 300 mm (90.0 cm x 30.0 cm)
  • 900 mm x 600 mm (90.0 cm x 60.0 cm)
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Make your photo a highlight in your room

Fotoleinwand mit eigenem Motiv

With a photo canvas you bring the art of your photos into your own four walls. From beautiful portraits to picturesque landscapes and spontaneous snapshots, everything can be realized. Choose your subject and bring your photo on canvas. Canvas has been used for centuries as a surface for painted works of art. The structure of the canvas fabric gives every picture a special touch. With a photo canvas you combine this painting character with your photographs. They can be realized in different formats. The photo print is razor-sharp, the typical surface structure of the canvas is preserved. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and can be framed if desired. Please note that in both cases a piece of the picture edge is lost (approx. 2.5 - 3 cm). This happens because the canvas is turned over and framed in the frame. When choosing the motif, make sure that you do not cut it off by this process. If you choose a specific section of a photo, it is better to be more generous.

The use of photo canvases

Photo canvases are suitable for private and public spaces. They decorate living rooms as well as offices and can give a room the character of a gallery. With them you can, for example, illustrate your work vividly. In rather sterile environments, they make a room look more inviting. In addition to personal use, they are also a great gift idea. Motifs, colours and size - all these things influence the character that a picture gives to a person. The most important thing is a sufficient wall surface on which the motif is shown to its best advantage. Therefore, there should be enough space around it to other pictures, decorative objects or furniture. White or bright walls are of course the best choice to emphasize color motifs. The same applies to black and white photos on walls with strong colours. In general, make sure that the wall and the photograph are in harmony. This also applies to the surface structure of the wall. On smooth walls, the photo on canvas stands out well. It also stands out well on certain structured surfaces, for example natural stone. If necessary, change the colour scheme during image editing to match the photo to the wall you want.

Which photos are suitable for canvas

To put a photo on canvas, you need to make sure the quality is right. Because canvases tend to be large, the higher the resolution, the better. Therefore, choose your pictures carefully. They should be sharp, without image defects (pixels) and with the right colour intensity. Feel free to choose a high color saturation. For smaller formats, the picture material from smartphones or smaller digital cameras is sufficient. For large formats it is worthwhile to use high-quality cameras, for example with a reflex lens. Picture and screen quality are decisive. With myfolie you get robust screens with a surface that is resistant to light and other damaging influences. We make sure that your motif is shown to its best advantage and does not lose any of its quality. Canvases can be attached to the wall in different ways. The decisive factors are the size and weight of the picture and the type of wall so that it holds securely. From a side length of one meter an additional bracket is required. With lightweight walls you are on the safe side with screws and dowels. For smaller designs, simple nails are usually sufficient. You can also choose a design board on which the screen is placed. Here again the wall must be suitable.

Design your own photo canvas with the online configurator

With our online configurator you can direct the creation of the photo canvas. You select a photo and upload it to the online configurator where you can edit the template. When choosing the format or orientation, you should orientate yourself on the original image. In this way, the motif and its effect as a photo on canvas are preserved. Enter the desired dimensions and you are ready to go. Using the online configurator, you can design further products, for example your own photo wallpaper. This way you can create individual designs. We provide you with a configurator for individual fonts and motifs. With this you can create your own adhesive fonts and images. These can be used for advertising purposes or for private use. Adhesive foils are easy to apply and remove if necessary, without leaving any traces on the surface.

Leinwand Beispiel


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

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Express & EU-wide shipping

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In-House production

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Your individual Design

Your individual Design

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