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Order milk glass foil online

Order milk glass foil online

  • Vorteil: Easy to install
  • Vorteil: Remove without residue
  • Vorteil: Quality films with long durability
  • Vorteil: Printed with logo or in many suitable shapes
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Discount %10% discount from 2 pieces
Our quantity discount starts already from 2 pieces, from 10 pieces even 20%.

Express delivery
On request we deliver within a few days Germany-wide!

Delivery ready for installation
The film plot is delivered on carrier film and weeded.

Individual cutting

Order frosted glass foil cut exactly to your required size without minimum quantity

Your logo on milk glass foil

Your motif is produced in digital printing on silver frosted glass foil (fine structure / etched).

from 10,90€

Finished samples as visual protection

Stiffeners, dots and co. as visual protection for doors and windows can be found in our shop.

Frosted glass foil - the somewhat different glass finishing

In modern architecture, the demand for natural lighting and high transparency has led to the increasing use of large glass facades. The great building material "glass" allows on the one hand a view into the colourful and busy environment and at the same time allows natural light to flow into the rooms. People simply feel more comfortable than in closed concrete buildings where cold neon light is the only source of light. Nevertheless, there are situations where you simply want to be alone in your feel-good ambience and not be disturbed by prying eyes through the windows in your private sphere or at your workplace. Drawing curtains, even covering the window with opaque glass, leaving the sun outside and destroying the cosiness - that was yesterday. There is another and much better way to protect privacy from unwanted glances. This clearly includes the simple and problem-free installation of frosted glass film on existing and new glass surfaces.

Fields of application

Milchglasfolie: Auch im Bad ein echter Blickfang

Whether in private households in kitchens and bathrooms / wet rooms or in commercial areas such as entrance halls, offices or lounges, practices, guest rooms or sales rooms. A privacy film with a frosted glass look not only offers individual privacy, glare and sun protection, but also offers unlimited design possibilities for glass or glass-like surfaces without minimising the incidence of daylight. Only slight outlines can be seen through the frosted glass film. Thanks to its satin appearance, the view becomes more diffuse with increasing distance. A friendly and warm ambience is nevertheless maintained. And this with a very elegant and personal touch.

Milk foil - In comparison with other privacy protection systems

The frosted glass film as work protection or privacy protection is not only a particularly inexpensive and perfect alternative to conventional glass finishing techniques such as etching or sandblasting. It also has advantages over conventional alternatives such as roller shutters, partition walls or curtains. At the same time they offer a comparatively uncomplicated solution. In addition to the favourable material costs, window films score points with far lower installation and maintenance costs. Other privacy protection systems offer the same degree of privacy protection but with less brightness, while at the same time dispensing with the need to look outside. Privacy films also score better aesthetically. As an individually stylishly designed decorative film, they have a much greater eye-catching character than bulky roller blind systems or curtains. Quality films with a milky glass effect are subject to strict German guidelines and offer optimum protection at fair prices.

Installation and advantages of opaque window films

The combination of light transmission and opaque properties makes the frosted glass film or glass decoration or privacy film a window decoration all-rounder, which can also be bonded without much installation effort. Clean the window glass and spray with water, remove the backing film from the back and squeegee out the excess water with a rubber squeegee from the inside to the outside. Apart from the easy handling, there are other advantages:

  • Vorteil: Frosted glass film is extremely resilient
  • Vorteil: their surface is very fine, wipeable and scratch-resistant
  • Vorteil: it is easy to clean and dirt repellent
  • Vorteil: it does not shrink or wrinkle
  • Vorteil: it is easy to clean and cheaper compared to other privacy protection techniques
  • Vorteil: it reduces heat radiation by 27 percent
  • Vorteil: it offers 94 percent UV protection

If the frosted glass film is no longer needed - for whatever reason - it is not necessary to replace the entire window pane. The film can be separated from the glass simply and easily.

Milchglasfolie eigenet sich sehr gut als Sichtschutz ohne zu sehr abzudunkeln

Individual design rounds off a wide range of products

The frosted glass film is only one product in the wide range of adhesive films for privacy screens, room dividers, decoration and advertising. A product with personality that arouses passionate enthusiasm in more and more people. Because in addition to its practical application and its many advantages, frosted glass film also offers the attractive possibility of making your "own business card" by individually creating colours, patterns, lettering and logos. A configurator for individual design is available to interested parties for this purpose. This adhesive film shop offers a large selection of window stickers, decorative films and coloured adhesive films. And off it goes with the individual online design. After entering text, text type, graphics and foil type, the desired motif is produced in digital printing as an adhesive foil and placed in the shopping basket. The price of the individually created adhesive foil is shown to the online designer including VAT plus discount. The shipping and production time depends on the shipping method - 1-2 days for express shipping, and 3-4 days for standard shipping.

Warranty and lifetime of the frosted glass film and other films

We offer our high-quality branded films with above-average durability and guarantee. They are the result of environmentally friendly processing using the latest technologies. The manufacturing guarantee is between 2 and 5 years depending on the type of film. The durability of the visual protection films also depends on the local situation or specific weather conditions. On a courtyard façade that is protected from wind and sun, the wear and tear and the efficiency of a film will be less than on roof windows that also face the weather side. Nevertheless, these individual influences do not affect our manufacturer's warranty. Experience has shown that the durability with normal wear and tear is between 7 and 9 years, thus exceeding the warranty period by at least 2 years. It is not unusual for professional and home circumstances to change during this period. Sometimes even the taste. Also in this product requirement niche we score with our quickly changeable films and give our customers the opportunity to create a new window decoration with different fonts, motifs or graphics.


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

You can apply the foil immediately without further ado

Express & EU-wide shipping

Express & EU-wide shipping

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In-House production

In-House production

We produce your order in our own production plant

Your individual Design

Your individual Design

Customize the color, size and design of your foil