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Inspiration, creative ideas and tutorials

In our blog we provide tips and tricks on the subject of adhesive films, stickers and advertising technology.

Celebrate children's birthdays with our stickers

The birthday of your child is coming up and you do not know how to create the perfect party? With our floor stickers you can easily stick on indoor & outdoor e.g. playing fields.

What is adhesion film, how does it work and what are the benefits for you?

What is static cling film and how does it work? Here we want to explain in more detail how adhesive film, also called static film, works.

More security for your company with our stickers

Safety first! This is especially true in the workplace. With our wide range of products such as floor stickers, warning signs or safety stickers, we help you to improve safety in the workplace.

Children's room redesign made simple

The children's room should shine in new splendor and are looking for the perfect idea? With our wide selection, you can let your imagination run wild.

Furniture foil beautify your furniture

Mnachmal a piece of furniture has come into the years, instead of replacing it you can make them look like new with our furniture film. We show you here how it works.

Apply foil letters yourself

Foil letters made of adhesive foil have a great effect, because they stick without background on the underground. Thus, you do not have the feeling of a "disruptor". How this works, we have here a tutorial.

Brick wall adhesive film for your home

A brick wall look in your home? It's easy and effortless with our adhesive film without much knowledge. Everything explained here.

Blackboard foil - The practical helper

Our blackboard foil only looks good, but can bring both useful and fun and employment. A few tips and examples, we have summarized here.

Upgrade tiles with our adhesive foils

Everyone knows it, tiles look after a time no longer as beautiful as on the first day. To avoid expensive costs of tilers, or noise and dirt, you can quickly circumvent this with our adhesive films.

Create your own photo wall

Your wall at home looks way too empty, and want to make something special out of it? Then we have the perfect opportunity to change this.

How to order adhesive letters

You can easily create your own adhesive letters online. Our configurator allows you to simply enter, design and order lettering and text directly online. How does it work? We show you in this article.

How to remove your car lettering

You have old lettering on your vehicle or have bought a car that still has lettering? Here we have a few tips for you to remove.

Upgrade your trade fair stand with our products

Do you or your company regularly attend trade fairs and have always wanted to attract more potential customers to your stand? Then you now have the opportunity with our products for you.


Signs are the classic means that you can use for the display of signposts or for your company logo. With us you can design your own sign for your individual purposes.

Advertising with perforated foils

You want to cover large areas which should still be translucent with which you can also see through from the inside? With our perforated films you can achieve exactly that.

PVC banners, mesh banners and floor stickers

With PVC banners, mesh banners and floor stickers you have the opportunity to draw attention to your company, club or event in a new and innovative way.

How do we work and how are our products created?

In our shop you can find a variety of products, most of which you can even personalize for yourself. How it all works, we explain here.

Your company logo on the car

Are you self-employed and regularly on the road by car? Or perhaps you have a company with several vehicles? Then take the opportunity with your logo on your vehicles.

Bring the holiday into your home!

Your last holiday was wonderful, but it's been far too long? But you still dream of it? Then get that holiday feeling back in your living room now.

Sticker on the rear window - What you have to consider

Your company name, logos or other motifs as car stickers on the rear window are popular but not always allowed. We explain what the law allows.

The squeegee - simple, fast and cheap

You have ordered a film from us and you are missing the right tool for application? The easiest and cheapest solution is the squeegee. Reusable at any time.

Wall tattoo - Reinvent your home

You find your wall boring and do not know how you can change that? No problem with our wall tattoos you can easily get a little variety at home.

Sticker for your mobile phone or laptop

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them - stickers or also called stickers. These are also a highlight on your media devices, how that works we show you here.

DIY decorations with adhesive foils

DIY decorations are the new hit for your home. If you don't want to have 0-8-15 decorative items in your home, make them yourself with our adhesive foils.

Mounting instructions for adhesive foils

Anyone can easily apply adhesive films themselves. With a few simple steps, small tools and our tips, you can do it too. You can read all about it here.

Wall Tattoos - our shop is growing

Wall tattoos come in many variations, sizes, colors and designs. Which one would you like to have on your four walls? Here are some examples.

Bring spring into your home right now!

Spring is still waiting and it's grey outside? Then bring spring into your living room now.

New look for your furniture

Inherited an old chest of drawers or other old furniture from grandma and want to have you in a different look? With our adhesive films you can easily beautify.

Order for your business

"Order is half the battle"- A proverb that also speaks for your business. We show you how you can create order in your business.

Sports motifs on the wall

Motifs such as stadiums, ski racing track or car racing tracks you want to have on your room wall, cabinet or other furniture? No problem, we show you how it works.

The frosted glass film - often underestimated

Frosted glass film, what is it anyway? Explain this question and a few impressions and its use.

Customize suitcase

Enough of the 0-8-15 suitcase that everyone has? With our adhesive films you can recognize this faster, how that can look we show here.

Favorite quote?

Who does not know it, you read a book and poof you have a new favorite quote. We have the solution that you can stick this to the favorite place in the house.

Beautify your caravan or motorhome

Fed up with the same look of every caravan model? Thanks to our adhesive films you can change this quickly. Here are tips and tricks for the change.

Now new in the shop: The magnetic sign from adhesive foil

Often you need a marking, labeling, etc. for a certain period of time. Instead of sticking this on, you can magnetically stick on certain objects with our magnetic signs.

Adhesive film for the shop window

Everyone knows the "Sale" or "New opening" adhesive films in the shop window, several times a year. We show you how you can easily attach and detach them again after the action.

Marketing with adhesive foils

You need a new marketing appearance for your company, event or exhibition stand that is individual and creative? We show you how you can achieve this with simple adhesive foils.

Safety stickers - sticking instead of drilling

Need new security decals in your office or commercial space without the hassle of drilling? How about a security sticker? Easy to apply & remove.

Wallpaper change with deco foil

In one year there are four different seasons, but the decorations often do not fit to each season, by a deco foil the decoration in the four walls can be adapted very easily.

Christmas as adhesive foil

Decorate your home for Christmas at the most contemplative time of the year? Here are a few ideas and decoration suggestions for you. Very simple and without effort.

Order bumper sticker in 4 steps

You can easily order bumper stickers online and quickly. In this tutorial we show how fast it goes.

Domain stickers you have to consider

Domain stickers are a great tool to let potential customers know about you. We have summarized a few tips.

Order opening hours as adhesive foil

With our opening hours stickers you can inform your visitors when your shop is open. Here you will learn step by step how it works.

10 mistakes you should avoid with your car lettering.

We have written down for you the 10 most common mistakes in a car lettering. No. 7 is especially often done wrong.

Large motifs - What do I have to consider?

In our shop you will find many products that are designed to be produced in large format. There are a few things to consider, we show you here.

The most beautiful day of your life - your wedding

Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life and thanks to our products you don't have to worry about at least part of the decoration anymore. We have a variety of options in our shop.

Make your food truck unique

You have a food truck with which you want to start big and travel from festival to festival? Then you now have the opportunity to make your truck a special and unique eye-catcher with our films.