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Order rear window sticker online

Order rear window sticker online

  • Vorteil: Car wash resistant and long lasting
  • Vorteil: Stickers with your own motif or lettering
  • Vorteil: Simply configure yourself online
  • Vorteil: Supplied ready for assembly

From 3,57€

Upload motif or logo '.

Design adhesive lettering for your rear window ›.

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Delivery ready for installation
The film plot is delivered on carrier film and weeded.

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On request we deliver within a few days Germany-wide!

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Perforated foil with own design

Individual design, Translucent and easy to install
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Adhesive film with own design

We print your file on your desired material, cut it to your liking and deliver it ready for installation.

Create adhesive letter online yourself

No matter if your domain, telephone number or a saying: Here you can choose from 50 fonts and 120 colors and we deliver them ready for installation.

Rear window sticker

Nowadays the car is much more than just a means of transport. It is a kind of second home where we feel comfortable and which represents our very personal lifestyle with its external appearance. In the commercial sector, a car is also an extremely valuable advertising space, as it inevitably attracts countless glances on public roads. Rear window stickers lend an absolutely individual touch to every vehicle, whether in the private or commercial sector, and ensure that the corresponding message is never overlooked.

Rear window stickers for the private sector

Whether it is the love for a particular football club, the personal motto of life or the logo of a legendary rock band, rear window stickers are as different and diverse as we humans are. Every car owner has different preferences and priorities, which he stands by and which he would like to communicate publicly to his fellow men. Rear window stickers are particularly successful in doing this, because this way the car owner can make a personal statement that is guaranteed not to miss its effect. But there is not always a deep meaning behind the sticker: a cool or funny saying on the car quickly becomes a much noticed eye-catcher and reaps countless laughs from other road users. So why not make sure you're in a good mood in traffic for once? A rear window sticker is particularly noticeable when the vehicle is stationary, for example at a traffic light, in a traffic jam or in a public car park, but it also attracts a lot of attention in flowing traffic.

Rear window sticker for the commercial sector

Rear window stickers are becoming increasingly important as advertising media. The reason is obvious: For rearward traffic, the rear of a vehicle is visible for a particularly long time. Statistics have shown that the rear part of a car is looked at and seen for about five to six times longer than the side or front part. For other road users there is therefore enough time to remember a company name, address or telephone number. If you cleverly place a rear window sticker in an appropriate size, you will generate new customers in this way and significantly increase your level of recognition. Another important argument in favour of the rear window sticker as an advertising medium is that in road traffic the rear window is directly at viewing height for other drivers. The recognition or legibility is therefore optimal, the observer does not even have to raise or lower his gaze and can continue to concentrate on the traffic.

Customize a rear window sticker

Prefabricated stickers from shops or from the petrol station are quite a practical thing, but they do not prove any individuality and are usually in circulation a thousand times over. Therefore they hardly attract attention and are usually not paid much attention. They are not suitable for the commercial sector anyway, as exact company names and contact details are usually important. Designing a rear window sticker yourself and online does not require any previous knowledge and works just as quickly as it is uncomplicated. Our innovative configurator guides you step by step through the individual options, so that you can't forget any important point when designing. From the size and the font to the foil type and your personal text wish, there are almost no limits to the design. As an alternative to the text, you can of course also choose a rear window sticker with your own motif. You can easily upload this as a file within the configurator. Of course you can also choose from a variety of options here. You can choose between different creative shapes, sizes and surfaces.

High-quality rear window stickers in brilliant colours

Whether your rear window sticker is to represent a company logo or you simply want an optical embellishment for your car, all our products are characterized by a durable, hard-wearing processing and brilliant colors. If you do not only want to decorate the rear window of your car, there are of course other vehicle surfaces available. By the way, bonnet, doors and bumpers are particularly suitable for attaching bumper stickers, as the visibility here is also optimal - similar to the rear window. By the way: Even the placement of slightly larger adhesive lettering is no problem. It is best to align the foil text exactly to the heating wires of the rear window. In this way it will be straight and perfectly legible for the viewer.

Tips for the design of the ideal advertising sticker

No matter how stylish, cool or eye-catching a rear window sticker may appear, if it does not contain the necessary information, it cannot fulfil its purpose. If you want to use a rear window sticker as an advertising medium, you should therefore not forget the following information:

  • the company name or logo,
  • the contact details (address, telephone number, possibly domain name) and
  • the service offered.
This is the only way for other road users to get a quick overview of your company and possibly even contact you later. A too long text can easily appear confusing and unclear: When choosing an advertising slogan, it is therefore always advisable to use a short and crisp sentence, which can also be a bit cheeky or provocative. As a vehicle interior generally always looks a bit dark, lighter colours are best suited for the lettering on a rear window sticker.

A lot of information and hints about rear window stickers can also be found in our blog!


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

You can apply the foil immediately without further ado

Express & EU-wide shipping

Express & EU-wide shipping

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In-House production

In-House production

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Your individual Design

Your individual Design

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