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Instructions for mounting adhesive films and more

Tips & tricks for the installation and use of our products

The assembly of our products is simple. Almost all products are delivered ready for assembly and can be mounted without special tools. Mostly you only need a steady hand (sometimes another helping hand is not bad), a few household tools and a suitable surface. In our step-by-step instructions we explain how to achieve a perfect result.

Step by step instructions

Montage von Klebeschriften und Buchstaben

Adhesive lettering

Our adhesive lettering is delivered ready for assembly. With a few simple steps you can mount them yourself.

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Montage von Klebefolie mit rechteckigem Schnitt

Adhesive foil without transfer foil

For rectangular cut motifs we usually deliver without transfer foil. Here we explain how you can attach adhesive foil without transfer tape.

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Montage von Klebefolie mit Transferfolie

Adhesive foil with transfer foil

These instructions are suitable for almost all products with transfer foil. These are, for example, motifs that were cut without a background (free form) or on the outer contour.

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Montage von Lochfolien

Perforated foil

In our step-by-step instructions for the installation of perforated film, we also show you how to install the perforated film on windows that are not at right angles.

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