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Beautify your caravan or motorhome

Fed up with the same look of every caravan model? Thanks to our adhesive films you can change this quickly. Here are tips and tricks for the change.

The caravan as a boring holiday vehicleIt

is known that most caravans and motor homes in their original version are plain white. Some have here still a line or border in a color have, but nevertheless they are generally quite simple and boring held. Exactly because of this they offer a lot of space for a decoration as the owner likes it. With the help of adhesive films, every caravan or motorhome can become unique, just as the owner, i.e. you, would like it.

If you already know exactly what you want on your mobile hotel, great, then you can go directly to our shop and choose your motif or create it in the configurator. For everyone else, we have collected more great ideas here in the article and will give you a few suggestions as to which motifs fit best. We will also give you some food for thought on how to find your favourite motif that suits you best.

When you are looking for a motif you should make a kind of mind map and ask yourself the following questions. This way you can exclude certain motifs or come up with other motifs that could fit your 'theme'.

1. caravan or motorhome?

2. holiday or festival?

3. beach holiday, active holiday, road trip?

4. mountains or beach?

5. family, friends, partner?

Well, do you have an idea which motif suits you? Then go to our configurator or shop.

Your caravan or motorhome could also look like this with an adhesive film: 

image title 21

You can find more motifs in our shop!


Last but not least a small but important hint! Before you can apply one of our adhesive films, you must first thoroughly clean the surface on which you want to apply the film to your caravan or motor home. The surface must be free of dirt and grease. The best way to do this is to use an alcohol or petrol-based cleaning agent after a thorough wash. This way you can be 100% sure that your foil will hold well.