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Order high quality car stickers online

Order high quality car stickers online

Discount %10% discount from 2 pieces
Our quantity discount starts already from 2 pieces, from 10 pieces even 20%.

We produce stickers and adhesive film for your car

Adhesive film with own design

We print your file on your desired material, cut it to your liking and deliver it ready for installation.

Create adhesive letter online yourself

No matter if your domain, telephone number or a saying: Here you can choose from 50 fonts and 120 colors and we deliver them ready for installation.

Perforated foil with own design

Individual design, Translucent and easy to install
from 11,20€

magnetic film for your car

Holds up to 200 km/h, your own logo or design and can be easily attached and detached
from 11,80€

Turn your car into an advertising medium now - with bumper stickers from myfolie

You would like to use your car as advertising space, or simply beautify it visually? Then take advantage of our offer now. No matter if craftsman, insurance broker, vet, hairdresser or private person - on myfolie.com you have the possibility to design your own motives and texts online and order them as bumper stickers. A car advertisement with high quality stickers is cheap and is always a good choice if you want to use your car as an advertising medium. This way you can advertise your company, your product or your service and easily attract the attention of passers-by who see your car in everyday life. No matter which branch or occasion - with your own designs from myfolie.com you will attract attention and advertise your company for free.

Individual texts, company logo and much more

Do you want to advertise with your company logo, attach a cool slogan to your car or just beautify your car visually? With the durable car stickers of myfolie.com all this is possible. You can create everything with individual texts or upload your company logo or other nice motives and have them delivered as high-quality bumper stickers. Convince yourself now of our possibilities and order your new stickers today. And the best: You can order from us already from a minimum order quantity of 1 piece.

More individual products for your car

Car stickers with your motif
from 7,37 

Vehicle stickers with your motif
from 7,37 

Car film
from 4,99 

Car lettering
from 4,95 

Perforated film for the car rear window
from 18,50 

Flag Germany bumper sticker
from 8,50 
(from 1.700,00 € / m²)
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Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

You can apply the foil immediately without further ado

Express & EU-wide shipping

Express & EU-wide shipping

You can decide for yourself how fast we ship your foil to all of Europe

In-House production

In-House production

We produce your order in our own production plant

Your individual Design

Your individual Design

Customize the color, size and design of your foil

Individual texts on your car

With us in the configurator you can easily design car stickers with your own text and individual fonts and order them immediately. We have a large selection of different foil types, fonts and design options for you. Create domain stickers or address stickers in a playful way and label your car with self-adhesive letters that stick to your car without a background.

Design texts as car stickers now "

Own company logo on the car

You want to use your car as an advertising medium and attach the company logo with a high-quality sticker to your car? Then simply upload your company logo and design your individual car stickers. This way you can turn your car into a free and efficient advertising medium in no time at all. When ordering, simply choose whether you want to have the logo as a rectangular sticker or as a freestanding company logo. And the best: At myfolie.com you can order already from a minimum of one piece and we are also very flexible concerning the size of the motive.

Order your own motif or logo online as a sticker now "

Car stickers with individual motifs

Do you want to improve and upgrade your car optically? Then upload your desired motive and create your personal car stickers. This is already possible from an order quantity of one piece. You are also free in your decision about size and format. Do you prefer an optional graphic or a rectangular motif? Let your creativity run wild and give your car an individual design.

Order your own motif or logo online as a sticker now "

5 tips for creating your bumper stickers

Especially if you want to use stickers for advertising purposes, you should think about content, format and implementation in advance. We will give you 5 tips on how you can approach the implementation very easily.

Tip 1: Define content and destination of your bumper sticker

First you should think about what you want to achieve with your car lettering: Do you want passers-by to get to know your company? Do you want to advertise a product or present a service? Think about what information you can and must place on the vehicle. The motto here is: Less is more! Leave out useless information and put only the most important information that can be grasped quickly on the car as a sticker.
Remember that car advertising is usually only seen for a short period of time and in this short period of time all important information must be captured. The following information should be included in any case:

  • Company name/company logo
  • Slogan or information about the product/service
  • Address of your website
  • phone number (if applicable)

Important: Your logo or company name should be visible and present. Stick to a few colors that you can use on other advertising materials like flyers, business cards or on your website. This way, potential customers can quickly recognize your company and don't have to think about which company is behind the vehicle. You should also find a good mixture between pictures and text. Too much text is not read and only pictures cannot convey all the information. So sketch out how you imagine your bumper stickers and order them in the right sizes and colours.

2. tip: Decide for the right kind

We offer you on myfolie.com exempted and rectangular deposited bumper stickers. For fonts we generally recommend to order them always without background. They look as if they were painted directly on the paint and the bumper sticker fits perfectly into the overall picture. But also stickers with background offer your advantages. Try out different variations and decide for yourself what you like best. Here are our possibilities how you can order from us:

1. sticker on white background Rectangular stickers belong to the classics. With this kind of car stickers your desired motive is printed on a white base foil. Then you attach the sticker as a whole to your car. The advantage is that the sticking on is very easy. The only small disadvantage could be that dirt often sticks to the edges of the sticker. This might not look so nice over the years. Stickers with a white background are nevertheless very suitable for large motifs and many details.

2. free space bumper sticker A great alternative to the classic version are countercut stickers. Here dirt that has settled on the edge over the years is not so noticeable. Another advantage is also that the motif is cut at the desired outline and the background disappears. Especially with fonts you should use cut-out foils (i.e. stickers without background).

3rd tip: This is how you attach your bumper sticker correctly

The gluing is not a big deal. You should only make sure that the bumper stickers are applied bubble-free and in the correct orientation to the vehicle. Before mounting, the vehicle should be cleaned properly and freed from dust, dirt and grease residues. Here commercial cleaners will help you super. Even shortly before applying the sticker, you should make sure that the surface to be stuck on is free of dirt, otherwise the sticker will quickly get unattractive inclusions which are difficult to remove. Spirit level, meter stick, a clean cloth and some cleaning agent in combination with some masking tape are often enough for simple labeling.

4th tip: Order your new sticker at myfolie.com now

Design your bumper sticker at myfolie.com now and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Order already from a minimum of one piece
  • Individual design
  • Longevity
  • Longevity
  • Express delivery
  • purchase on account
  • and much more

5th tip: These are the 5 best advertising spaces on your car

In principle, every part of the paint can be marked. In the case of windows, for example, the front windscreen may not be covered and only 10% of the rear window may be covered. More detailed information can be obtained from your local TÜV / KÜS. Since every car has a different geometry, you have to think about which area is reasonable and which is less reasonable for your car advertising. Among the 5 best advertising spaces of a car are

  • Bonnet
  • Rear window
  • Bumpers
  • Sills
  • side door
  • Trunk

These are the surfaces that are often used for passenger cars. Bumper stickers are especially useful for delivery vans, because the large areas at the rear literally scream for a label. Here you can give free rein to your creativity and present your company on a large scale. On the other hand, a bumper sticker also looks great if it stays discreetly but as the only eye-catcher on one of the doors or if it discreetly points out the company on the rear. That's why fleet vehicles are often provided with a rear sticker to ensure that they belong to the company.

We are looking forward to your order and wish you a lot of fun with our bumper stickers.
You can find a lot of information and hints about bumper stickers & stickers in our blog