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Perforated foil with your own motif

Perforated foil with your own motif

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Perforated film: privacy and glare protection at home, at work and in motor vehicles

Lochfolie ist von hinten Schwarz

How the perforated film effect works

A perforated film is a perforated film that is suitable for many applications. At the window it protects against unwanted views from outside, but at the same time offers a good view outside. You can achieve similar effects on other glass surfaces. They also show their special properties on cars. They are suitable for gluing on the rear side windows, and are also permitted for the rear window. However, certain regulations must be observed here.

Kleine Löcher sorgen für Durchblick bei Locholie von innen und deinem Wunschmotiv von außen

What is a perforated film?

Perforated and self-adhesive films are suitable for long-term use, but can be removed quickly and easily if necessary. They were developed especially for glass surfaces. Perforated films are for example polymeric vinyl films. The open area, i.e. the area that is transparent, varies from 30 to 50 percent. The adhesive is transparent. The perforated film is suitable as a privacy screen and as an advertising medium.

Self-adhesive and decorative for your home

In your home there are many uses. For example, the perforated film is very practical on the bathroom window if the window is made of transparent glass instead of frosted glass. It offers a good view protection, at the same time the room remains bright and the daylight is still available. They are also suitable for all other window surfaces. Whether for the entire surface or only in the lower area, the film can be applied effortlessly. Pleasant lighting effects are created in the room. Glass doors or glass inserts on doors also benefit from the practical film. If you like to be creative yourself, cut it into strips or squares and conjure up interesting pattern effects on the glass inlay of a room door.

Lochfolie montiert auf einer Fahrzeug Heckscheibe (Beispiel)

Versatile and practical: in the office, shop or business

Whenever effective privacy protection is required, perforated films are the perfect partners. Depending on the version, the perforation is designed differently, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The films also offer a wide range of colours. The special additional benefit in commercial use: We print them according to your specifications. You achieve a high advertising effect with a printed film. Simply upload a file with the print data, define the font, font size and colour as desired and we can start printing. This way you combine two important factors: privacy protection and advertising! If you want to use perforated films as an advertising medium, you will find many possibilities with the individual design. Modern shop window design is another area where you can use them. Individual zones of the shop window pane can be decorated individually. With an advertising imprint you can adapt the film to your corporate identity. Facades with a high window/glass proportion can also be designed as desired. You regulate the incidence of light inside. This makes it easy to place advertising on the windows - efficiently and clearly visible!

The perforated film for the rear window and other car windows

This type of film is becoming increasingly popular for vehicle windows. In public transport, you often see buses and trams with bonded windows. Graphic motifs, lettering or logos are shown to their best advantage on the film, but the effect remains discreet and unobtrusive. The self-adhesive film is also useful on car windows. Glare protection and privacy protection play an important role in privately used cars. If you use your car for business purposes or want to advertise for your own company, you can achieve great effects with a perforated film for the rear window or for the rear side windows. However, certain regulations must be observed for vehicles. Perforated film on the rear window is normally not a problem if the type of film and the perforation are suitable for car windows. Strict regulations and restrictions apply to the windscreen and front side windows. Safety is paramount, so we strongly advise you to follow the regulations. Please also refer to the General Type Approval ABG if you want to apply the perforated film to your vehicle.

Beispiel für Lochfolie auf einem Seitenfenster

The perforated film on the rear window and other car windows: What is allowed?

The basic rule is that the driver's view must not be obstructed. On the windscreen, therefore, the film is not permitted under any circumstances. The front side windows must also remain clear. If you want to apply a perforated film to the rear window and the rear side windows, § 22 a paragraph 1 No. 3 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) applies. The vehicle's operating licence expires according to § 19 para. 2 StVZO if the area covered by the film is larger than one quarter of the rear window. You can also find further information in the General Type Approval ABG.

Design your own in our configurator

As with all our films, you can give free rein to your creativity and create and format them yourself in our configurator. Simply upload your individual motif or the lettering you want and we will deliver your desired film to your home.

Frequently asked questions about perforated film

Which surfaces can I cover with perforated film?

Rear windows are particularly suitable as surfaces for a perforated film. This is a particularly effective surface. Since in flowing traffic this surface is mainly seen by the following vehicles, you can place wonderfully important information here. Here you should briefly consider whether the motif is applied from the inside (mirrored) or from the outside. Possible impairments by windscreen wipers, ice scrapers etc. can damage the writing, but the contrast will always be better with adhesive foils applied from the outside than foils applied from the inside. In a bus, for example, the side windows and doors can also be covered with a perforated film because it is transparent.

What do I have to consider before gluing?

You should make sure that your vehicle is cleaned. It should be free of any dust, dirt and grease residues. Standard commercial cleaners will help you here. Even shortly before applying the sticker, you should make sure that the surface to be stuck on is free of dirt, otherwise the sticker will quickly get unattractive inclusions that are difficult to remove.

How do I apply the perforated film correctly?

All our adhesive foils, including the perforated foil, stick to smooth and dust-free surfaces. You should clean the vehicle and the corresponding surfaces thoroughly from dirt and dust. You will receive the perforated film on a protective backing paper which you can simply peel off. Afterwards you can stick and press the flat sticker on the desired place. You can use a squeegee, a credit card or similar as an aid. You can find detailed instructions here: " Assembly instructions for perforated foil

Can I drive into the car wash with a perforated film?

Yes! The perforated film is an adhesive film like other car stickers and is car wash safe.

Which files can I use for a perforated film?

The better the quality of the source file for the foils, the nicer and higher quality the foils themselves will turn out in the end. It is therefore worthwhile to create high-resolution graphics, motifs and fonts in order to achieve a particularly good end result.


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

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Your individual Design

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