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Create your car as advertising medium now - with bumper sticker from

You'll be able to select from a variety of bumper stickers. With us, you have the possibility to design your motives and texts online and order as a sticker. An auto-advertising with bumper stickers is cheap and is always suitable if you can use your vehicle as an advertising medium. So you can advertise your company, your product or service, and directly appeal to passers-by who see your car in daily use. Whether you are a craftsman, insurance broker, veterinarian or hairdresser. With your bumper stickers, you will attract attention and promote your company free of charge.

Texts as a bumper sticker

ou can create and order your texts and fonts online. We have a great selection of font styles, fonts and design options for you. Create your domain or address sticker and label your vehicle with self-adhesive letters that stick to your car without background.

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Bumper sticker with your own design

You can upload your logo, picture or motive with us and order it as a sticker. You can choose the form and production method yourself. You have the choice whether you would like a rectangular sticker or a form without background. Can be ordered from one piece and configurable in any size.

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How do I get my bumper stickers?

First, you should consider what you want to achieve with your car lettering. Do you want your company to be known by passers-by? Do you want to advertise a product or promote a service? Think about what information you need and have to put on the vehicle. Here is the motto: less is more! Leave away unnecessary information and bring only the most important information that can be quickly captured on the car as a sticker. Remember that the car advertising is mostly seen only briefly and in this short time, all the information must be recorded. Important: Your logo or company name should be visible. Stick to a few colours that you also use on other advertising materials such as flyers, business cards or on your website. This allows potential customers to quickly recognise your company and does not have to consider which company is behind the company vehicle. Also, you should find a good mixture between pictures and texts. Too much text is not read, and only images can not transfer all information. Therefore make briefly sketch of how you imagine your bumper sticker and order it in the right size and colours.

What bumper stickers exist - where are the differences?

As bumper stickers can be described by many different types of adhesive foils. First, this would be the classic sticker that is printed on a white base foil and can be applied as a whole. This could also be supplied as an alternative in the desired contour, and thus the background disappears. Often the edges of the stickers are dirty, which is not noticeable in the case of cut-to-size stickers, but can appear unattractive in the case of rectangular adhesive foils. Basically, for example, fonts should always be applied without background. They look as if they were painted directly on the varnish and the bumper sticker fits super into the overall picture. Again, the mix is the key. Try different variants and decide what you like best.

On which surfaces of the car can the stickers be applied?

Every spot on the varnish can be labelled. For windows, for example, do not cover the windshield and the rear window only to 10%. For more detailed information, please contact your nearest TÜV / KÜS office. As each car has a different geometry, you have to think about which area would be useful and what is less helpful for a car commercial. Doors, bonnet, rear window, bumpers, sills are, for example, surfaces which are often used in automobiles. Bumper stickers can be utilised especially for delivery trucks because the large areas at the stern formally scream after a label. Here you can let your creativity run wild and present your company to a large extent. On the other hand, a bumper sticker looks great even if it decently but only as a single item on one of the doors sticks or hints subtly at the rear to the company. For example, carpool cars are fitted with a rear sticker to ensure their affiliation.

How do I put my bumper sticker on the car?

Sticking on a sticker is not a big undertaking. Care should be taken to ensure that the bumper stickers are bubble-free and glued in the correct orientation to the vehicle. Before installation, the vehicle should be properly cleaned and freed from dust, dirt and grease residues. Here, you can use commercially available cleaners. Also shortly before the glueing, you should again ensure that the same glued surface is free from dirt since the sticker otherwise quickly gets unpleasant inclusions which you can then remove only difficult. Water scale, meter, a clean cloth and some detergent in combination with some crepe tape are often sufficient for simple labelling.

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