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Order car lettering online

Order car lettering online

  • Vorteil: High quality vinyl adhesive film
  • Vorteil: Stickers with your own motif or text
  • Vorteil: Simply configure yourself online
  • Vorteil: Delivered ready for assembly

Car lettering as adhesive lettering or motif stickers simply order online!

Discount %10% discount from 2 pieces
Our quantity discount starts already from 2 pieces, from 10 pieces even 20%.

Delivery ready for installation
The film plot is delivered on carrier film and weeded.

Express delivery
On request we deliver within a few days Germany-wide!

Your configured lettering or your own motif as car lettering

Order car stickers online

Create your own stickers. Sticker with your own motive/picture. Washerfest with long durability!

from 7,90€

Adhesive film with own design

We print your file on your desired material, cut it to your liking and deliver it ready for installation.

Create adhesive letter online yourself

No matter if your domain, telephone number or a saying: Here you can choose from 50 fonts and 120 colors and we deliver them ready for installation.

magnetic film for your car

Holds up to 200 km/h, your own logo or design and can be easily attached and detached
from 11,80€

Simply design your own car lettering

If you want to have a car lettering, you can create and order the desired adhesive lettering, adhesive foils, logos or motifs yourself online at myfolie. Whoever moves the car for his company on a daily basis can additionally advertise his own product or service at a favourable price. No matter whether crafts enterprise or insurance broker, hairdresser or veterinarian, who wants to advertise with his car can simply label it online.

Adhesive lettering and letters as car lettering

You can design our adhesive lettering in many colours and fonts. Label your car according to your ideas with different texts. The adhesive lettering is punched out of coloured foils and sticks to the car as single letters after the assembly without background. They are mounted with a transfer foil, which makes the mounting easier.

Design adhesive lettering online now "

Pictures and motives on adhesive foil

You can have your own motif or logo printed as a sticker. You have the choice whether you would like to have your motif as a rectangular adhesive foil or completely detached without background. We will refine your sticker with a matt or glossy laminate, so that your car lettering is optimally protected.

Order your own motif or picture online as a sticker now "

Top positions for car lettering

Rear window lettering as car lettering

The rear window is particularly popular as a surface for car lettering. It should be noted that high-contrast colours such as white or bright colours are used to ensure later legibility. With tinted windows, care should also be taken to ensure that the adhesive film is applied from the outside. In the case of untinted windows, the film can of course be applied from the inside, which provides better protection for the film and makes it possible to use an ice scraper in winter, for example. Also the windscreen wiper cannot damage the lettering. You can easily align the rear window lettering with the existing lines of the rear window heating.

Bonnet with car lettering

The bonnet offers a good surface to present your own logo in a striking way. As a rule, it is very easy to inscribe because the flat surface can be easily covered with adhesive film. The heat of the engine doesn't matter, because the adhesive film can withstand these temperatures without any problems. As a special gimmick, the logo or the web address can be applied mirrored, so that vehicles in front can read the logo in the rear view mirror correctly.

Use doors and sides as advertising space

The typical surfaces for a car label are probably the doors and sides of a car. Here you can simply place all important points clearly visible for the viewer and present your company. Especially the driver and passenger doors as well as the windows and surfaces in the rear area offer a lot of space for a meaningful car lettering.

Frequently asked questions about car lettering

What should my car lettering say?

Basically you should be clear about what information should be placed on the vehicle and what message should be conveyed to the viewer. A lettering should usually serve to provide the viewer with quick information about the company / the product / the service of the company. It is a good idea to present the logo / name concisely and to list the product range / services offered (e.g. by means of adhesive lettering). Supplemented by product photos / address and web address as well as telephone number, a meaningful car label can be created quickly.

How do I affix the car label?

All our adhesive films adhere to smooth and dust-free surfaces. You should clean the vehicle and the corresponding surfaces thoroughly from dirt and dust. This way you avoid unattractive inclusions under the foil after sticking on.

Adhesive lettering and motifs without background are delivered together on one transfer foil. You can stick them on as a whole and remove them after mounting. The individual components then remain on the vehicle and stick in the right place. (You do not have to stick on single letters). Flat adhesive foils (rectangular, round, etc.) are supplied on a protective backing paper which you can simply peel off. Then you can stick the flat sticker on the desired place and press it on. You can use a squeegee, a credit card or similar as an aid.
"Assembly instructions for adhesive lettering

How large and which areas should be marked?

If you have the desired content together you can think about the appropriate sizes. In our configurators (adhesive lettering or own motif) you can easily set the exact size of the adhesive foils and stickers. Measure the maximum height and width of the area to be labeled. This way you can avoid later on that fonts and logos protrude or protrude into unwanted and difficult surfaces. With us, you can always see the exact size of your motif or adhesive lettering immediately. Play around with the size until you get the desired dimensions.

Doors and window panes are particularly suitable as surfaces. Bumpers and areas under the doors or fenders can also be easily marked, depending on their shape. The rear window is also an effective means of applying the lettering. Since in flowing traffic this area is mainly seen by the following vehicles, it is a wonderful place to store important information. Here one should briefly consider whether the inscription is applied from the inside (mirrored) or from the outside. Possible impairments by windscreen wipers, ice scrapers etc. can damage the lettering, but the contrast will always be better with adhesive foils applied from the outside than foils applied from the inside.

What does a car labeling cost?

You can design and order car lettering yourself from just a few euros. In our configurator for adhesive lettering or your own motif, you will be shown a price for your motif directly. The stickers are already available for under 10€.


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

You can apply the foil immediately without further ado

Express & EU-wide shipping

Express & EU-wide shipping

You can decide for yourself how fast we ship your foil to all of Europe

In-House production

In-House production

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Your individual Design

Your individual Design

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