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Create your own photo wall

Your wall at home looks way too empty, and want to make something special out of it? Then we have the perfect opportunity to change this.

You have a wall at home that looks too empty and want to make something special out of it? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you to decorate your wall with your favorite memories and pictures of your loved ones. Create your own photo wall with our photo canvases or create your own photo wallpaper and bring out your best pictures.

canvases - your own photo gallery at homeOur photo

canvases are a great opportunity for you to put your best pictures and memories on a wall. The photo canvases are stretched on wooden frames and are therefore super easy to install and stable. Since they come in different sizes, you can choose the frames according to your needs. Just like a gallery, you can put different pictures in different sizes on your wall and make it extra special. The great thing about it is that you can always expand the wall with new pictures or rearrange the photo canvases as you wish. There are no limits to your creativity, create an entire wall with your favorite memories and pictures of your favorite people. In our configurator

you can put together your own motifs, just as you wish.

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Make your favourite picture stand out with a photo wallpaperDo you

have a particularly beautiful picture from your last holiday or of you and your friends? Then you can have it printed on a photo wallpaper and decorate your home with this great memory. Our photo wallpapers can be easily and quickly applied and easily removed when moving out,

without leaving any residue. So you can decorate your home with your most beautiful picture in a big way.

What do you have to pay attention to with photo wallpapers? The quality of the motif is crucial so that the motif also comes into its own. Only if the quality ofthe source file is good enough, a good product can be at the end. So make sure that the image is very high resolution and really sharp. The configurator

will help you to create your photo wallpaper, and if you are not quite sure whether your motif is suitable, you can have your picture checked by our staff via the data check.

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Spice up your photo canvas with our wall tattoosTo


your photo wall the finishing touch, you can combine it with our wall tattoos. Get creative and complete your photo wall with your favourite saying or a beautiful motif from our huge selection

Give your motifs a beautiful frame or separate them elegantly from each other. Use it to highlight images that are especially important to you and set unobtrusive accents.

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