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What is an adhesive film, what is it made of and where is it used?

Adhesive films are special, wafer-thin films (<1 mm) Kunststofffolien die für die Beschriftung und Beklebung von Fahrzeugen, Schaufenstern, Werbeschildern, Werbeplanen, Platten, Möbeln oder Wänden eingesetzt werden oder als Aufkleber (Sticker) fast unbegrenzt Verwendung finden. Immer häufiger kommen sie auch neben der klassischen Werbung auch im Dekobereich zum Einsatz. Klebefolien bestehen aus PVC (Polyvinylchlorid) oder PET (Polyester) und sind auf der Rückseite mit einer spezielle Klebeschicht versehen, welche sich je nach Anwendungszweck in Klebekraft und Klebeeigenschaft unterscheidet.a

vailable as already coloured, single-colour films (e.g. for single-colour adhesive lettering, produced on cutting plotters) or films specially produced for digital printing (base surface in white), which can be printed with all shapes and colours (logo, photos, lettering, etc.) Monochrome films are usually processed directly by cutting plotters, while digital printing films are first printed, laminated and then cut into the desired shape.

You can find more information about the printing techniques here.

Adhesive foils as car lettering

Adhesive films (also: self-adhesive films) are typically used for advertising on vehicles. Starting with simple adhesive lettering such as Internet addresses or telephone numbers, even complex motifs such as logos or pictures can be applied to the vehicle. Adhesive foils without background (optional) are often used on vehicles. The adhesive lettering or the motif then blends in perfectly with the overall image of the vehicle and looks as if it has been painted on. There are no limits to creativity. Sometimes cars are completely wrapped with film and the vehicle becomes an eye-catching advertising medium.

Adhesive foils as shop window lettering

Shop window advertising is used to present stationary retail shops to the outside world. A wide range of concepts is available for window display. Adhesive films are often used to advertise advertising slogans, company logos, product images and special promotions. At the POS (Point of Sale) they support the visual perception of the products and draw attention to the store. Shop window areas are sometimes the only way for local shops to attract the attention of walk-in customers. Adhesive lettering or complete full-surface adhesive foils printed with photos or other design elements are often used. Adhesive films are a cheap and quick way to advertise changing themes. For example, discount campaigns, seasonal events or new openings are often advertised with adhesive films in the shop window. (You can find sale-stickers and other stickers and adhesive foils for shop windows here)

Adhesive foils as sign inscription

Signs serve as orientation and information for the viewer. This could be, for example, a company sign at the entrance of a building, a warning sign in production or an advertising sign. Also here it can be distinguished whether the sign is covered with a flat e.g. printed adhesive foil or whether individual writings and motives are attached without background. In the latter case, the background and the surface of the sign shine through (e.g. looks very high quality on brass or brushed aluminium surfaces). Depending on the type of sign, material and location of the sign, the focus is always on legibility and rapid transmission of information.

Adhesive foils for furniture and decorations

Adhesive foils are being used more and more frequently in the decoration sector. They can be applied and removed quickly. On walls as so-called wall tattoos, they are often applied as a design element from single-coloured, matt foils. The wafer-thin material looks like painted on and is not only suitable for walls. Furniture and products are already being covered with adhesive foils to give surfaces new colours and patterns or to give old, worn surfaces a new shine (you can find single-coloured adhesive foils for decoration purposes here). This way, cupboards, tables, chairs or tiles can be easily redesigned and embellished.

Adhesive films for windows and glass as privacy protection

If you want to reduce annoying glances or sunlight, you can remedy this with adhesive foil, for example. Frosted glass foils or glass decoration foils are increasingly used. The milky appearance prevents the pane from being seen through and, depending on the type, allows a certain amount of light to pass through. As a uniform surface or printed with motifs or logos, office rooms, shop windows or doors are thus often covered. A typical application is the mounting of frosted glass foils in the form of strips or other design elements for accident prevention on doors or other glass panes.

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