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Large motifs - What do I have to consider?

In our shop you will find many products that are designed to be produced in large format. There are a few things to consider, we show you here.

The most important thing - high resolution!

Especially if you want to print your own photos on a photo canvas or a photo wallpaper, a high resolution of the motif is particularly important. The better the quality of the source file, the better the end result. In the technical jargon one speaks with the resolution is often referred to as DPI (dots per inch). A reference value we like to recommend is at least 150 DPI, better however but better 300 DPI, which your artwork should have in the format you want to print. I.e. if you want to print a large motif, e.g. in 2.00m x 2.00m, it must also have 300 DPI in this format.


Be very careful when choosing your pictures, it is worth it! So that a photo on a canvas or wallpaper, the quality has to be right. The higher the resolution, the better the better the end result. The photo should be very sharp and have no image defects or pixel errors, as every defect and blur will be magnified. The saturation of the colors is also important. Here you can choose a higher saturation saturation, so that the picture can work better. For small format pictures and photo canvases a small digital camera or a newer small digital camera or a newer smartphone. But especially if you want to take pictures that are then to be printed on a large format, you should use a high-quality digital camera or SLR camera. back. Only good cameras can take photos that are high-resolution enough to print on a larger canvas or wallpaper. canvas or wallpaper.

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Also with graphics it is important that you have them available in high resolution, otherwise the image loses quality when you enlarge it. otherwise the image loses quality when enlarged and is no longer suitable for large motifs. The enlargement of graphics and images that are based on pixels is also called interpolation. When enlarging or extrapolating the image, the resolution the resolution should remain as good as possible. The missing pixel or pixels are calculated from the already existing pixels. However, this can lead to inaccuracies, which can make the image image blurry or create unattractive steps in writing and graphics. Therefore it is of decisive is that the source file is high-resolution enough for the desired format. Or you can create your logo or graphics as a vector file.

Exception - vector graphics

A vector file or vector graphic is a graphic that does not consist of pixels, i.e. individual pixels, but of curves. pixels, but rather curves. Vector graphics are based on an image description. This means that the objects that make up the graphic are precisely defined and stored as parameters. This makes a vector file can be enlarged at will without losing quality. Therefore vector files are best suitable for printing company logos or similar. They can be adapted to the required format at any time. at any time.

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