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Payment methods

Your options for paying your order

We want to make your shopping experience comfortable and safe. Therefore we have the following payment methods for you:



After placing your order you will receive the account details for the bank transfer. Please do not forget to include your order number as reason for payment so that the amount can be allocated correctly. Prepayment orders will only be processed after receipt of payment. This may extend the delivery time by 2-3 working days (depending on bank transfer time).

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)


The debit of your card (VISA or MasterCard) is automatically initiated by our financial service provider. If your data is verified, the processing of your order can be started immediately.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

We also offer Amazon Pay. Here you can have your Amazon account sent to the addresses you have provided as usual and complete the transaction with your verified payment methods. The processing of your order can begin immediately after receipt.