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Design and order boat lettering online

Design and order boat lettering online

e.g. boat name, boat number

  • Vorteil: Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Vorteil: Many colours and fonts
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Adhesive lettering for boat number plates and boat names on vinyl

If you are travelling with your motorboat or sailboat on German inland waterways, you do not always need a sports boat licence, but you do need boat lettering with the licence plate for your boat. Besides, a boat with a name looks much more personal and when your dream finally comes true, you will hardly leave it nameless. With an adhesive lettering the lettering is faster and looks more professional than if you use single adhesive letters. In addition, you have a large selection of fonts, colors and other options for the individual design of your boat labeling.

Legal rules for boat lettering

Mindeshöhe für die Kennzeichnung von Booten

When it comes to boat lettering, the legal regulations leave you a lot of leeway, but you should follow the few existing rules, otherwise your boat trip can be more expensive than planned. The rules are written in the inland waterways regulations and are as bulky when you read them as the name of the law itself. For small vessels, as the law states, with few exceptions, all vessels under 20.00 m in length, the most important basic rule concerns the size of the letters. They must be at least 10 cm high. Furthermore, only Latin characters are permitted, which are the letters that are common in Western and Central Europe today. Not permitted are therefore, for example, Cyrillic, but also German scripts, such as Fraktur, Gothic or the Schwabacher. Numbers may only be given in Arabic numerals. Apart from that you have a free choice of fonts. So you do not necessarily have to write your boat labeling in block letters, but can also use, for example, character sets similar to handwriting.

Frequently asked questions about boat identification

Do the rules also count for boat names as additional labels on the boat?

The rules for boat labelling apply first of all to the mandatory markings, but also to a boat name, which you may also add to sports boats that must have an official mark. Such markings are either official markings issued by the water and shipping authorities or so-called officially recognised markings, which the German Sailing Association (DSV), the German Motor Yacht Association (DMYV) and the ADAC are allowed to issue.

Are there rules for the placement of boat labels?

You are allowed to affix the prescribed boat lettering either on the bow or on the transom stern. At the bow it must be on both sides, starboard and port. In this case you need two identical stickers, and only one on the stern.

Which names are allowed for boats?

When choosing a name for your boat label, you don't have to limit yourself to typical names, such as Laura, Julia or Lea - sailors have usually given their boats female names. The law expressly allows a foreign currency as a boat name. For pleasure craft, the authorities are usually not interested in the choice of name. You can only expect difficulties with insulting or discriminating names.

What do I have to consider when choosing the colour of boat lettering?

In addition to the above requirements, the Inland Waterways Regulations stipulate that boat markings must be in dark lettering on a light background or in light lettering on a dark background. But perhaps you have painted your boat colourfully or, on the contrary, kept it in medium grey. On closer inspection, the specification here is also clear. If there is no light or dark background, you have to create it. This is also very easy with a boat label from myfolie, if you order a motif sticker instead of the adhesive label. While with an adhesive lettering only the single letters remain on the side of the boat and the boat colour is visible in between, the motive sticker for the boat lettering is something like a big sticker where you can choose the background colour freely.

Boat lettering as adhesive lettering from single letters

The most common type of boat lettering is to apply the individual letters, numbers and hyphens as stickers or to apply them directly with paint. With myfolie your complete lettering with adhesive letters is cut out of a full-surface adhesive foil, which is connected to a transfer foil to form a sandwich. So you do not have to worry about which and how many letters and numbers you need in total. The cutting is computer-controlled, with a cutting plotter, so precise that only the adhesive foil is cut through and the transfer foil remains intact. Thus all characters already have exactly the right spacing and alignment when you receive your adhesive lettering. The lettering remains on the transfer foil until the letters stick perfectly to your side. Only at the very end you pull off this auxiliary foil. This way you can easily create a boat lettering that looks like a professional. In our online configurator for adhesive lettering you have numerous possibilities to design the shape and size of your lettering.

Segelboot mit Klebeschrift

Design boat lettering as motif stickers

As an alternative to adhesive lettering, motif stickers offer extensive design possibilities. With myfolie they consist of a dyed-through adhesive film, which is printed in a digital printing process and then laminated with a transparent film for protection. This creates a waterproof sticker that is also resistant to UV radiation and salt water. Besides the possibility of applying a uniform background with the writing at the same time, this type of boat labeling has the advantage that you can remove it again in one piece. You can of course customize your foils again in our online configurator for stickers.

More ideas for boat design with adhesive foils from myfolie

In addition to boat labels such as boat number plates and names, you can also use adhesive films to customize your boat in other ways. The advantages over decorating with paint are that it's easier to get clean contours with decorative films, and that the films are easier to remove if you don't like the decoration or want to sell your boat later.

Design your own sticky lettering or motif online now.


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Delivered ready for assembly

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