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The frosted glass film - often underestimated

Frosted glass film, what is it anyway? Explain this question and a few impressions and its use.

What is frosted glass film

We admit that in the first moment you can't imagine very much under the term. But once you know what it is, it also makes sense for you. Actually, it is also quite simple and quickly explained. Milk glass film is a film which is neither transparent nor opaque. We still don't see the question marks above your head disappearing! Well then once again slowly. In our shop you will find mainly printed adhesive film, whether with pattern, monochrome or cut into shape, but you will also find the frosted glass films in the area of adhesive film shop in the decorative films. So and now to explain what exactly a frosted glass film is.

Frosted glass film is a matting adhesive film that is not completely transparent. You can find them in our shop as flat films but also cut into patterns. These films are mainly used for privacy protection, as they are neither completely opaque nor transparent. Due to their characteristic they still let enough light into the room but still offer a visual protection.

What can I do with it?

As already mentioned, the film is mainly used for privacy protection. However, it does not matter whether in the private, industrial or commercial sector. In addition, everyone is free to decide how and where to apply the film. Of course, these films can also be used to decorate indoor glass walls. We have collected a few examples for you, so in about you can also attach your adhesive film and use.

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If you now have a taste for it, take a look at our shop. The right shape for your project is not there? No problem, then come to our configurator and upload your shape there and order the adhesive film as frosted glass film.