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Brick wall adhesive film for your home

A brick wall look in your home? It's easy and effortless with our adhesive film without much knowledge. Everything explained here.

Brick wall film - Why?

In recent years, walls in the trendy brick wall design have become increasingly popular. To get this design quickly, easily and for little money in your own four walls are suitable adhesive films with brick wall optics. Our brick wall adhesive films are self-adhesive films and therefore particularly easy to apply.
The self-adhesive adhesive film has the advantage that it adapts to (almost) any surface and therefore it is perfect for sticking on furniture, tiles, doors or walls. They beautify the whole room and give the interior a new design. There are no limits to creativity.

The application of the film in the brick wall look:

First, the adhesive film must adapt to the room temperature to avoid possible size differences due to expansion. Then you position the adhesive film in the middle of the wall or the object which you want to stick. Then pull off the protective paper piece by piece on one side. You can now use the squeegee (or a soft, dry cloth) to smooth the adhesive film from the middle outwards and press it onto the surface. Should you still discover bubbles, you can carefully poke them with a small pin and they will disappear. You can also find a step-by-step guide to applying adhesive foils in our help section.

More decorative films in natural look:

By the way, our adhesive films are suitable for outdoor and indoor use and hold on almost all surfaces. In addition to the brick wall look, you will also find adhesive films in various wood looks in our shop.

Here are examples of our adhesive films in wood look:

Klebefolie in Nuss Holz Optik

Adhesive film walnut wood decor

Klebefolie im Holz Stil Eiche

Adhesive film oak wood decor

Klebefolie in Holz Kernbuche Stil

Adhesive film core beech wood decor