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Sticker on the rear window - What you have to consider

Your company name, logos or other motifs as car stickers on the rear window are popular but not always allowed. We explain what the law allows.

What does the StVZO say about rear window stickers?

If you want to stick adhesive films on the rear window, you must first be aware of whether this is permitted. The StVZO states that a motif that takes up more than 0.1 square meters or more than a quarter of the rear window, the operating license expires (§ 19 paragraph 2 StVZO). However, it is possible to circumvent this restriction by carrying a type approval. If the motif is larger than the permitted size, a larger fine must be paid. However, this depends on the size of the rear window and the size of the motif.

According to § 22 a Abs. 1 Nr. 3 StVZO, a type approval for the relevant car stickers must be carried on the vehicle. It does not matter whether it is a rear, windshield or side window. In the event of an inspection, the type approval must be handed over on request as long as no entry has been made in the vehicle registration document (§ 19 Para. 4 StVZO).

Perforated film for the rear window

We recommend you the perforated films in our shop as car stickers, because here a type approval can be supplied. With us you have the possibility to design your own motive andtext online and to order it as a Car sticker to order. You can design these foils as you like, no matter if own company logos, domain name, links, names or other motives. There are no limits for you.

To every order of perforated foils in our shop we add a type approval and so you are on the safe side. However, you must always carry the type approval with you in the car in order to be able to hand it over in the event of an inspection.

If you still need help with the application of the films, we recommend a step-by-stepguide on our homepage. If you need to remove a film from your rear window beforehand, we recommend you read our blog article on this topic.