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Make your food truck unique

You have a food truck with which you want to start big and travel from festival to festival? Then you now have the opportunity to make your truck a special and unique eye-catcher with our films.

Your Foodtruck - so it becomes something very special

We offer a wide range of products for you to make your truck a very special experience for your guests - not only culinary! guests - not only culinary! Attract potential customers with great pictures of your delicious burgers or pizzas and pizzas and show your guests your assortment at a glance. Or let them see directly when you are on site and when you are open.

Your food and beverage menu

It is especially important for your guests to know quickly and at a glance what you have to offer. With our you can easily and uncomplicatedly display the prices for all your dishes and drinks, for example on the back wall or outside on the sides. on the back wall or on the outside of your truck. So every customer sees immediately why he should come to you. to you. In our configurator

you can configure your own adhesive label, so you have all your dishes together quickly and easily. Completely according to your needs!

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Show who you are

So that everyone can see from afar where your truck is, you can simply attach your logo to the outside of your truck on the outside of your truck. This way people will recognize you from far away and come to your truck. But also when you are on the road, you can advertise yourself and your truck in this way. No matter if on festival or at noon in the industrial park, with your logo in large format you always draw attention to yourself.

Show what you have

You can design our adhesive foils individually, use this to bring your products to the customer. Convince with great pictures of your dishes or drinks and attract even more customers to your truck. Or use our foils to decorate your food truck according to your menu. Just imagine your truck is decorated with the skyline of New York or the cityscape of Rome. What better way to make a burger or a slice of pizza even more or a slice of pizza even tastier.

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Special promotions made easy

You always have special promotions? With our board foilsyou can easily and uncomplicatedly and uncomplicated to show new dishes or promotions. Even without having to redesign your whole menu. Simply write the dishes with chalk on the board and wipe them away again as soon as the action is over.

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