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10 mistakes you should avoid with your car lettering.

We have written down for you the 10 most common mistakes in a car lettering. No. 7 is especially often done wrong.

You've probably seen car lettering before. In today's road traffic, you can almost not get away from them. Whether craftsmen, nail salon, painter, electrician or personnel service provider, they all use their vehicle to advertise their own business. Actually a great possibility, because one comes rarely more favorably to potential customers than in the road traffic. But some car lettering is unfortunately less advertising than questionable and casts a bad light on the advertised company.

But a good car lettering is not witchcraft and can be easily designed and ordered online by anyone. If you pay attention to the following 10 things, nothing will stand in the way of your great car lettering.

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1. your car is (k)a business card

Use all important information but avoid superfluous information.

Too much unnecessary and unreadable text will quickly look cluttered and can't be grasped by passers-by in the short time available. You want your car to quickly inform viewers about your product/service and catch their attention. It's good to have as many contact options as possible, but a long e-mail address or three telephone and fax numbers are rarely remembered. A catchy internet address is usually sufficient.

2. your car is not an advertising pillar

Colours and pictures determine the overall picture. Make sure not to use too many colours (usually not more than three). Perhaps you have a CI (Corporate Identity, uniform company appearance) to which you can orientate yourself. Choose carefully the colour for the respective information. Depending on the importance you should emphasize their relevance through color and font. Images and motifs are also good eye-catchers. They should only be used in good quality and show your product / service or another eye-catcher. Note: Pixelated images do not belong on a vehicle! (TIP: Without a background, motifs / logos / images fit perfectly into the overall image of the vehicle) Here you can order your motif as an adhesive film


3. accident car / dirty car with car lettering

Nothing looks worse than a dented or dirty car.

The vehicle and the car lettering should represent your company. An accident damage does not make a serious impression. You should also drive the vehicle through the car wash after the dirt road. Dirt can obscure important information and a dusty and dirty car does not make an impression on your (future) customers.

4. crookedly attached adhesive foils

Better measure once more!

That should be the motto when mounting. Vehicles often have strange alignment lines due to non-parallel or slanted beads and edges. You can orientate yourself wonderfully on this and align your lettering and motifs. Sometimes it can take a little time to find the right position. Take your time and you will enjoy your lettering for a long time.

5. surface not cleaned

Before you label your car, you should clean your vehicle (the corresponding surfaces that will be covered) thoroughly

. Often you only notice when it is too late that small inclusions are present under the film and are now difficult to remove. A cleaned surface guarantees that your adhesive film sticks cleanly and neatly and also survives the car wash without problems. Simply use a commercially available glass cleaner and a soft cleaning cloth and thoroughly clean the surface of dust, grease and other dirt.

6. wrong colours / wrong contrast

Always match your colours with the background (paint) of your car.

You have to keep in mind that your lettering often has to be readable and recognizable even from greater distances. You should therefore always pay attention to a good contrast and choose colours of e.g. writings in such a way that they stand out from the background. A typical mistake that can be seen every day on German roads is a too dark colour of the lettering in the rear window. Here it must always be remembered that the interior appears rather dark and the person behind can often only read the lettering if it stands out well against the interior / background (use light colours such as white, yellow, orange, light green). Also make sure that with tinted windows, the film must be applied from the outside, otherwise the adhesive film would be very difficult to read.

7. wrong font size

As mentioned above, your car lettering is often read from a distance. In order for the viewer to still be able to recognize your information, you should not use font sizes that are too small.

To determine the right size, you can print a sheet of paper with a part of your lettering and try it out in different sizes on the car. This will give you a good idea of what height the lettering should be.

8. poor image quality

For your car lettering to look professional, good resolution images are a must. Pixelated graphics do not make a good impression and do not support the appearance of your company.

Therefore, use high-resolution motifs and images. Often there are templates for almost every profession on the internet (some even for free). With us you can see exactly which quality your picture has in the desired size (display quality & stars).

9. foil lettering contrary to traffic regulations

Since your vehicle will probably mainly be on German roads, you should design your lettering in accordance with the StVO.

There are some regulations that have to be observed. For example, only 10% of your rear window may be covered with foil. Reflective materials are also in demand, but their use is also regulated and should be observed. If you are unsure, the relevant TÜV will be happy to help in most cases.

10. wrong position

Also the place, which you label is not completely unimportant. Consider beforehand which surfaces you want tolabel and how and think about how the overall picture can work. With passenger cars, forexample, the doors, rear windows and the rear window offer a good possibility for a label

. Sprinters and trucks have enough space on the sides for a meaningful car lettering. In the end

it should be said that you can let your creativity run free with your lettering. If you follow the points above, nothing will stand in the way of a great lettering. Good luck!