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Order for your business

"Order is half the battle"- A proverb that also speaks for your business. We show you how you can create order in your business.

What does tidiness mean in business?

Very simple - clean up everything, but so that you can find everything again and very quickly. But you can not imagine how that works? We show you here a few ideas what we can imagine under order in business. Of course you can develop your own ideas and develop ours further. Thanks to our configurators for texts and motives there are almost no limits for you.


a workshop there are primarily many tools that need to be stored. There are practical hanging systems to which you can attach the individual tools. So that everyone knows where which belongs, you can help here with an adhesive label . Simply order the name of the tool on foil and then hang it over the place where it belongs.

Of course, each employee can also label his own tools in this way. Simply order the name as a foil letter, then stick it on a place that is not worn and voilá now everyone recognizes which tool belongs to whom.

Hairdresser's salonIn

a hairdresser's salon everyone has his own hairdresser's tool bag, where all scissors, combs and other utensils should usually be stored. However, there is often chaos in the storage room of the barbershop. Colors, perm lotion, shampoo, towels and much more are stored here. To bring a little order into the chaos, it is recommended to get boxes which are then labeled with adhesive letters depending on the contents. This creates a clear storage space and everyone knows quickly where to reach.

If the place for boxes is missing, then simply mark the place in the shelves, so remains also an overview if or when something must be reordered.


an office, chaos quickly arises due to many documents, folders or the like. So why not create different cabinet systems and label them? This is our suggestion for you. Stick with foil letters on the cabinets what is in these, so every employee can quickly find his documents and especially clean up properly. Everyone is happy when he only has to reach once and then immediately has what he was looking for. In addition, individual shelves can be labelled.

It is also advisable to create a separate cupboard/storage place for office utensils. Here you don't necessarily have to use letters for the labelling. How about picking out funny symbols for these utensils and having them made as adhesive foil? Not only does it look funny, but it also puts a smile on your employees' faces when they're keeping things tidy. As you can see, there are no limits here and yet all methods are quite similar. We have therefore not mentioned all types of commercial premises but you can imagine how it works with the others. This principle can be applied to all types of tidying.

Now have fun with tidying up and rearranging, create order in your business and work makes all the same much more fun.