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Blackboard foil - The practical helper

Our blackboard foil only looks good, but can bring both useful and fun and employment. A few tips and examples, we have summarized here.

Do you already know our blackboard foil? No? Then you have to get to know it. It can be useful as well as fun and busy.

Blackboard foil is fun and practical at the same time

You live in a shared flat and want to divide up the cleaning schedule or other tasks? Just stick a blackboard foil on one wall and write on it. The easy thing about the blackboard foil is that you can write on it over and over again and in between simply wipe it off with a damp cloth like you used to do in school. If you don't want the foil anymore, you can easily remove it, unlike wall paint. The foil is also easier to clean than blackboard paint, so it smears less.

If a simple black foil surface is too boring for you, you can also use a prefabricated motif from our shop. If you have a creative idea yourself, you can upload it as a motif in the configurator and order it directly there. Maybe there is already a suitable motif for you in our shop, just have a look or get creative.

Fun for kids

Such a board film can not only be a useful helper at home or at work, but is also perfect for the children's room. How about a butterfly for your daughter or a car for your son. Stick the foil in the children's room, get the kids some colourful blackboard crayons or chalk sticks and they can get creative. If they don't want their art anymore it can easily be wiped off and redrawn. If the foil is no longer desired, simply peel it off and the wall is again foil free.

You apply the board film just like all other adhesive films from us, the easiest way with a squeegee. You can find detailed instructions on our homepage.