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More security for your company with our stickers

Safety first! This is especially true in the workplace. With our wide range of products such as floor stickers, warning signs or safety stickers, we help you to improve safety in the workplace.

Floor stickers for hazardous areas

Especially in workshops and production plants there are often large machines that can be dangerous. With our floor stickers, you can easily and quickly mark areas that may not be entered or only by trained personnel. You can also use them to demarcate work areas or transport routes and thus optimise processes in the workshop.

Safety stickers and signposts

Our safety stickers are a good way for you to show emergency exits or to mark the nearest fire extinguisher. Especially in situations where every minute counts, these stickers can save lives. But also very general safety instructions such as the requirement to wear hearing protection can be easily visible on walls, machines or doors. If you have special requirements, you can also create your individual stickers in our configurator and design them according to your needs.

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Magnetic signs

With our magnetic signs you can attach your warnings to any magnetic surface, be it large machines, metal workshop doors or even your company car. The big advantage - you can remove them as needed and attach them elsewhere or store them until they are needed again. When stored properly, magnetic signs can be used virtually indefinitely and they hold up well to the vehicle even at high speeds.

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Privacy shields for sensitive projects

Do you always have jobs that you don't want other customers to see? Then you can cover windows and glass panes of sensitive work areas with our frosted glass films. This way, no one can access information that is none of their business, but the work area is still bright. It is also possible to cover only parts of the glass or to integrate your motif or lettering into the frosted glass film. Alternatively, you can choose other colorful films from our range and bring color into your workshop and the workplace of your employees.

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