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Advertising with perforated foils

You want to cover large areas which should still be translucent with which you can also see through from the inside? With our perforated films you can achieve exactly that.

What is perforated film

A perforated film is a perforated film that is suitable for many applications. The self-adhesive film is suitable for long-term applications as well as for indoor and outdoor use. However, you can also remove them quickly and easily if necessary. The films have been specially developed for glass surfaces and the open area, i.e. the area that is transparent, varies between 30 and 50 percent, the adhesive itself is transparent. The perforated film is suitable as a privacy screen and as an advertising medium, so you can, for example, use your shop window as an advertising space and at the same time no one can look through the film into your office. You still have a full overview of everything that is happening in front of your window.

Wrap your company car

In addition to the versatile application possibilities for perforated film, you can also use it excellently for advertising on your vehicle. Apply your company logo, address and telephone number or simply a suitable image of your company and your industry to the rear window. Thanks to the perforated structure of the film you do not lose the view to the rear of the vehicle. Direct the eyes of all motorists and passers-by to your company. Especially in city traffic or on the highway you will reach many potential customers.
However, when sticking your vehicle, make sure that it still complies with the rules of the road. You can find more information here. Of course you can also use other stickers and magnetic signs for your car. You can find more tips on this in our blog.

Apply perforated foil to shop windows

Our perforated film is also perfect for your shop window, it is advertising space and privacy in one. For example, you can cover an entire area of your window with it to protect yourself from unwanted glances. At the same time the viewer sees your advertising. Show potential customers your latest products or special offers or simply show off your logo. There are no limits to your creativity. Thanks to the perforated surface of the film, it will not be too dark in your office, even if you cover the entire window with perforated film.