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Order opening hours as adhesive foil

With our opening hours stickers you can inform your visitors when your shop is open. Here you will learn step by step how it works.

Let's say you have a barbershop and you want to put your opening hours here in the shop door. The opening hours are: Monday - Friday from 10 - 18 clock and Saturday from 10 - 14 clock. Such adhesive lettering without background (plotted) you can easily design and order under adhesive lettering.

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1.) What are the maximum dimensions of the opening hours?

Simply measure your door with a folding rule and determine the width of your opening hours. It will probably be somewhere between 10 cm and 30 cm. If you are limited in the height, remember this value, so that later your inscription also fits into the desired area.

2. design your opening hours as adhesive lettering

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Under the point adhesive lettering you have the possibility to design and order your own adhesive lettering (single letters). Your adhesive lettering is punched out of a coloured foil, which means that only the adhesive letters stick to the background (in this case: shop window) and there is no background. Of course, you don't have to stick each letter individually, but all adhesive letters are held together by means of a transfer foil, which makes the simple assembly in one piece possible. (Just have a look at our assembly instructions for adhesive lettering ).

You can design your own adhesive lettering as follows:
First, specify the desired width of your foil (the width refers exactly to the dimensions of the letter edges from left to right). Now you have the choice between the different film types (glossy, matt, neon or frosted glass film). Choose the desired type and write the text for your opening hours in the text field. You can design each line individually. Choose the desired font, color, size (in relation to the other lines) and the character spacing and alignment. In the upper right corner of the preview you can always see the result of your input in real time. In addition, the preview shows you the corresponding height of the opening time font. This value is determined automatically and results from the number of lines and the font heights.

If you like your opening hours foil, you now have the choice to mount it from the inside or from the outside. The advantage of an outside installation is that the colours do not lose their effect through the pane. If you install it from the inside, the film is protected from the weather and damage in any case.

Finally, check briefly that all the details such as size, colour and text (spelling mistakes) are correct. Now you put the foil with one click in the shopping cart and can order it comfortably in the checkout.

3. delivery and mounting of the adhesive letters

After a short time your foil will be delivered to you by insured parcel. You can mount your opening hours right after unpacking. Just look at the mounting instructions for adhesive lettering. As a tip: Order a mounting squeegee as an application aid, then the installation goes as if by itself.

If everything has worked, you now have a professional lettering with adhesive letters with your opening hours on the shop door.