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Furniture foil beautify your furniture

Mnachmal a piece of furniture has come into the years, instead of replacing it you can make them look like new with our furniture film. We show you here how it works.

Get creative with furniture film


decorative films can easily be used as furniture film. With it, for example, a kitchen front can be repainted in an unpopular color. You can simply stick the furniture film over the old colour and thus hide the old colour.

Conceivable pieces of furniture are e.g. cupboards, shelves, drawers, chests of drawers, kitchens, chairs, tables, beds, doors etc..

There are no limits to your creativity. Wherever you would like to create a new look, you can use our furniture films.


We have two examples here that can be used in any home.

Refrigerator: As a

first example we take a colourless refrigerator. The rather sterile white surface does not create a feel-good character in any kitchen and always looks a bit dull. Here you can easily remedy the situation by using a matt decorative film

, for example, and covering the front surface of the refrigerator.


The furniture film is easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue if you don't like it




another example, let's look at a kitchen that is getting a little long in

the tooth.

Often surfaces are yellowed or scratched and have unsightly stains from long use. With a furniture film you can easily cover the old surfaces and make your kitchen look like new. Depending on the level of detail, you can cover only the surfaces, fold over the edges with adhesive film and for the perfectionist, you can even think about a furniture film for the interior wall.

You will be surprised how fast and easy you can transform your kitchen.


If you want to give your kitchen a special touch, you can also apply decorative film to the tabletop in the same colour as the kitchen fronts, for example. The great thing about this is that the foil is easy to replace and just as easy to clean.

If the surface does get scratched, you can simply replace the film.

As an aid for the installation you can use our squeegee

. With it, the film can be applied bubble-free and clean.

If a single-coloured surface is too boring for you, you can use our decorative films with beautiful patterns. Single adhesive letters on the monochrome films, which you can design individually online, also look great.

About our decorative films:

All films are self-adhesive, which means that the back was provided with an adhesive that adheres to all smooth surfaces. After a longer period of time, the adhesive develops its full adhesive strength and holds securely on the surface. All decorative films with patterns are additionally sealed by us with a protective laminate to protect the surface and the pattern. With all single-colored decoration films, both sides are in the same color, can therefore also be used as a privacy screen. As a tip: If you want to have your own motif as an adhesive film

, you can simply upload it to us and order.