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Now new in the shop: The magnetic sign from adhesive foil

Often you need a marking, labeling, etc. for a certain period of time. Instead of sticking this on, you can magnetically stick on certain objects with our magnetic signs.

What is a magnetic sign?

A magnetic sign is a slightly thicker magnetic material which is covered with a foil.

You can order any motif you have in mind as a magnetic sign. What do I have to consider with a magnetic sign?

  • Contact surfaces on the car must be clean, dust-free and dryfor each use.
  • Removed magnetic signs must be stored flat.
  • The magnetic shield must be removedbefore each wash cycle (manually or in a car wash)!
  • Magnetic signs should be removed from the vehicle body during the night or when not in use.
  • At high speeds, e.g. driving on the motorway from 130 km/h, it is recommended to remove the signs.
  • The magnetic foils should be stored on surfaces which ensure a magnetic circuit. This includes refrigerators, freezers, egg doors and iron shelves.

All important information and details about magnetic signs can be found here and on our information sheet formagnetic signs ! 

Where and how can I order magnetic signs?

You can order individual magnetic signs in our motif editor. Here you simply select the foil type 'car magnetic sign' in the dropdown menu.

image title 18

Afterwards you can continue your order as usual and enter all details as well as upload your design/motif. 

Who among others uses magnetic signs?

An ideal area to use magnetic signs is for example a driving school. The vehicle of a school does not need a permanent marking, but only during the driving lessons. Therefore, a magnetic sign with the inscription 'Driving School' is suitable here.

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Magnetic signs are also popular in the field of motor sports to attach the numbers of the drivers. Since these change with each racing event, a permanent attachment by foil would be a wrong decision. Magnetic signs, on the other hand, can be easily removed afterwards and used for further sporting races.

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