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Apply foil letters yourself

Foil letters made of adhesive foil have a great effect, because they stick without background on the underground. Thus, you do not have the feeling of a "disruptor". How this works, we have here a tutorial.

How are foil letters produced?

Basically, you should understand how letters made of self-adhesive foil are constructed. The wafer-thin foils have the same color on the adhesive as well as on the "decorative" (non-adhesive) side. The adhesive side is protected by a carrier paper. The desired motif / shape / letter can now be cut into this wafer-thin adhesive film (usually PVC) with a fine knife. If you remove the surrounding areas afterwards, only the self-adhesive form in the corresponding colour remains on the carrier paper.

image title 11

Removing the excess film after cutting[/caption]

If the text / shape has been cut free, it would in principle be possible to remove the individual adhesive letters from the backing paper and stick them onto a different surface. Since this would be very tedious for each individual letter and would probably not result in a uniform typeface in the end, a transfer foil is placed over the entire "individual" letters. This holds all the shapes together in the desired place and serves for the joint transfer to the desired substrate.

But how do the letters come off the transfer foil again?

That is easy to explain. The letters adhere more strongly to the substrate than the transfer foil. This means that the transfer foil is pulled off and the letters remain on the substrate. This makes it easy to transfer fonts, shapes and other plotted graphics.

Design foil letters online

With us you have the possibility to create, design and order your foil letters online. In our configurator you can combine and design different fonts, foil types and colours as you like. From doorbell signs to car stickers to shop window lettering, you can create everything yourself. The application succeeds with our installation instructions in no time. Design it yourself online now