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PVC banners, mesh banners and floor stickers

With PVC banners, mesh banners and floor stickers you have the opportunity to draw attention to your company, club or event in a new and innovative way.

What are PVC banners?

PVC banners are large banners made of sturdy PVC material, which you can attach almost anywhere quickly and easily thanks to various mounting solutions. The biggest advantage of PVC banners is that you can reuse them almost as often as you want. Provided that the banners are stored properly. The robust material of PVC banners also makes them perfect for outdoor use.

How and where can I use PVC banners?

The sturdy material makes our banners perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This makes them very versatile, for example to promote events and festivals of your club or to advertise at concerts or events. Also as advertising banners for the sponsors of your sports club, the PVC banners are ideal, e.g. on walls, the grandstand or for mounting on impact protection cushions. Of course, you can also use them at trade fairs to advertise your stand or your product in the halls or outdoors. There are hardly any limits to your creativity. Thanks to the various mounting options we offer, you can attach this new product to construction fences, pull it on poles like a banner or stretch it from the ceiling on strings. Again, you can let your imagination run wild, just choose which mounting method suits you best when ordering.

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are mesh banners?

Similar to PVC banners, mesh banners are also a new product made of robust PVC material. However, the material has a net-like structure and is therefore particularly light and wind-permeable. This makes mesh banners perfect for outdoor use, as they can withstand strong winds and storms. Like the PVC banners, you can also use our mesh banners several times.

How and where can I use mesh banners?

Our mesh banners are especially suitable for outdoor use. Due to the net-like structure, they are also suitable for windy and exposed places, such as construction fences, scaffolding, facades or similar. Due to the low weight of the mesh banners, you of course also have a transport advantage and can use them anywhere else you like: at trade fairs, at (open-air) concerts or at company parties. We offer different mounting options, which you can choose according to your needs when ordering. This means that there are hardly any limits to the use of your desired banner.


are floor stickers?

Our floor

stickers are stickers that have been specially developed to adhere to floors and floor surfaces. The material of our floor stickers is robust and non-slip, so there is no danger of slipping. Our floor stickers last up to 3 months indoors and about 3 days outdoors, depending on the weather. Of course, our floor stickers can also be removed completely without leaving any residue.

How and where can I use floor stickers?

Floor stickers are suitable for various areas, both indoors and outdoors. You can use them to visually mark paths or areas, which makes them especially useful at trade fairs to guide potential customers to your stand with individual messages. Also special areas such as seating with W-LAN or special promotions, for example with QR codes on the floor, you can show so well and innovative.
Also at private parties and celebrations you can use the stickers to show your guests the way to the venue. The floor stickers are especially suitable for such temporary applications, because they can be removed after a few days and leave no residue.
But also in your company you can mark special areas with our floor stickers, for example areas around machines, which should not be entered, or to mark escape routes.
You can design our floor stickers completely according to your ideas, there are no limits to your imagination. They stick within 30 minutes and can be removed within a short time without residue when no longer needed.