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Domain stickers you have to consider

Domain stickers are a great tool to let potential customers know about you. We have summarized a few tips.

This is what you should pay attention to with domain stickers!

Itis important that you have a catchy internet address and that the viewer does not have to type in 45 characters to get to your site.

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Is done wrong again and again, but it slowly imprints itself into the heads of the people: If you want to present your internet address publicly to address potential customers or clients, you shouldn't start your domain label with the familiar "https://". 99.9% of the time, this is no longer needed as an indication and it looks very bumpy and a bit old-fashioned. The shorter your internet address is, the better the viewer can memorize your website. As a rule, you should then use "www.DeineDomain.de" as the basic structure. If a subpage like ".../Gutschein" should be the target, then this is of course also possible, because this type is nowadays also a common method to advertise offers and websites that do not provide all information on the home page.

You can easily design your own domain sticker in our sticker designer. Your internet address will then be produced as a lettering without background(more about adhesive lettering) and sticks on all smooth surfaces. You can let your creativity run free with the design, but we recommend to use a good readable font, which is still readable from a greater distance. After all, you don't want to stick on a work of art, but rather have passers-by memorize your website.

Where can a domain sticker be used?

Basically everywhere you want it. It is often applied to bumpers, shop windows, doors, window panes or rear windows. If you have ordered your domain stickers as adhesive lettering, only the individual letters remain on the surface (e.g. the bumper) and it looks like it has been painted on. Especially on your vehicle, internet addresses are a great way to quickly give viewers more information about your company. Since nowadays (almost) everyone has a smartphone with internet access, your website can be accessed immediately. It's also sure to be eye-catching in the back window, as every vehicle behind you will be made aware of it. The more memorable, the better!

How should I design my domain sticker?

Choose highly visible colors and a legible font. On the vehicle your domain sticker may appear somewhat larger. It actually replaces the phone number or fax number, which no one can remember or memorize. The more eye-catching the better, the more readable the more people will visit the website.

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