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Marketing with adhesive foils

You need a new marketing appearance for your company, event or exhibition stand that is individual and creative? We show you how you can achieve this with simple adhesive foils.

Marketing Ideas with Adhesive Foil

You can't imagine how you can do marketing with adhesive foils? No problem here are some ideas how you can achieve attention with adhesivefoils.

For companies:

You want your business to be more known? How about stickers that you give to your customers when they buy something? Attach them directly to the items or have your employees put them in their shopping bags at checkout. You only have one online store? Then send them with your order or put your logo on your packaging.

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Your company does not sell objects but services? Then use adhesive films for car lettering or to mark the windows in your office to the outside. Stick your lettering or logo on the windows of your company and let passers-by know about your company. Vehicles are also a good medium to increase the awareness of your company. We have a guide on how to best apply the vinyl - also visit our blog post on car graphics so you know what to look out for.

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For trade show booths:

The next trade show you'll be attending with your business is coming up, but you don't know how to design your booth? Why should you always see those boring white partitions between the stands? Just stick your logo and slogan on them, which make your company stand out. Or stick customer recessions to it, then the potential customer knows immediately what is valued by others in this company.

You want to have an imaginative stand, which no one else has and everyone likes to come to your stand? How about a chalkboard foil and everyone who visits you and your stand may immortalize themselves here. You can simply erase the writing again, just like a normal school blackboard. As a special highlight, you can take photos of the drawings, sayings or whatever lands on this wall and post them on various social media and have them rated by your customer base. You can also make a competition for this. Let your creativity run wild and go through all the potential scenarios. You will be the hit at the next trade fair.

For events:

Ever thought of covering the floor? With our foils you can achieve an optical illusion. Think about which motif could fit your event and stick it on the floor. For example, if your event is about boxes - create a graphic of a box in 3D optics, when passers-by step over the box it looks as if they would step into the box.

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Or how about a foil on toilet mirrors. Let your potential visitors change into another character. To do this, choose a setting that matches the theme of your party. You want to promote the next 'Christmas Party' in your club? Then grab pen and paper, or rather Photoshop and mouse and design your own head frame with a pointed hat, reindeer antlers or another Christmas headdress.

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These were just a few ideas from us for you how you can implement advertising with adhesive foils. As you can see there are no limits to your creativity. Just spin around with your idea, upload it in our configurator and who knows, maybe your idea will be the next hit that everyone else will want to make afterwards.

No dirt and residues

The advantage of adhesive foils is that they are easy to apply and as soon as the marketing campaign is over they can be easily removed without leaving any residues. The only thing you have to take care of before applying the stickers is that the surface you want to stick them on is well cleaned and free of grease marks. This guarantees a long adhesion and the film has no irregularities. If small air bubbles are created during application, they can be removed with a small needle. You can find detailed instructions on how to apply the film here. The film sits afterwards and shows the logo, the slogan or whatever motif you have chosen, in all its glory.