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Favorite quote?

Who does not know it, you read a book and poof you have a new favorite quote. We have the solution that you can stick this to the favorite place in the house.

What does favorite quote actually mean?

The term citation comes from the Latin terms citatum"cited, summoned" nand citare "to set inmotion

, summon". As a result, this terminology can most easily be compared to "citing someone in court." In contemporary usage, however, it tends to be used in a different context. Thus a quotation is a text passage which was taken over literally or as an indirect quotation it gives a reference to a certain text passage which was used. Often not only written texts but also pictures or music are given as a quote.

According to the Duden, lieblings in formations with nouns expresses that someone or something is in highest favor, receives preference over all other persons or things

. The intensified form comes from liebste and can be increased as follows: liebste, liebster, liebstes.

If we put these two components together, it means that a favourite quotation is a passage of text that the reader particularly likes.

This quotation is preferred to all other quotations. The reader always remembers this passage of text and likes to give it back when reviewing the read text. How do

I get the favorite quote on my wall?

This question can be explained quite simply and simply with one word: Configurator


Okay, you're right, it's not that easy to explain with just one word. So again slowly: If you are absolutely sure which quote it should be, then go over to our adhesive lettering configurator and design your dream quote there. When you're done with the design, send it off and it's ordered. After a few days your slides will arrive at your home. The best thing to do is to order a squeegee, which is the easiest way to apply the film. You can find detailed instructions on how to apply adhesive lettering here

! You can find out which squeegee is best to use in our blog. Here you will

find examples of sayings and quotes as wall tattoosIf


still do not have a favorite quote ready, but now you have the taste to print a quote as adhesive film, then you





selection of sayings and quotes in our shop.