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Safety stickers - sticking instead of drilling

Need new security decals in your office or commercial space without the hassle of drilling? How about a security sticker? Easy to apply & remove.

Security stickerthe easiest method

Especially in rental properties often a big point, to damage the wall should be avoided. But if you still want or need to put up security signs in your company, there is a solution that does not destroy any wall. The solution is very simple - safety stickers. No matter if fire extinguisher, emergency exit, prohibition signs or co. everything can be easily printed as adhesive foil and easily attached. In our shop you will find all different prohibition, notice or safety signs as stickers. If your sign is not there, you can upload it in our motif configurator and order there. It is important to note that you can only specify one size and the configurator automatically adjusts the second size, so that your motif is not pixelated or distorted.

Which categories are there?

In our shop, the safety stickers are divided into five categories so that you can easily find them. On the one hand there are the commandment signs, there you will find all safety stickers that refer to a commandment or a behavioral measure such as e.g. use a safety helmet, wash your hands.

One category further you will find all warning signs with which you can mark'potential' danger spots or risks in companies, commercial areas and buildings.

In addition, there is the category of rescue signs here you will find stickers which help to ensure a safe evacuation / rescue of the affected persons in emergency situations. Here you will mainly find stickers which indicate existing escape routes, rescue facilities (such as first aid) or rescue equipment / devices. Furthermore you will find signs for escape and rescue routes.

In another category you will find prohibition signs which should help to avoid dangerous and hazardous behaviour. Here you will also find stickers which indicate 'general' prohibitions such as smoking prohibited, no drinking water, access for unauthorized persons prohibited.

In a last category you will find fire safety signs as stickers. With these stickers you can mark locations of fire alarms and fire extinguishing equipmentto ensure quick orientation and help for the affected persons and rescue forces in case of fire.

All safety signs that you can find in our shop are created according to DIN EN ISO 7010 and may be used.

Here you will find examples from the individual categories of the safety stickers:

Sicherheitsaufkleber Feuerlöscher

Fire extinguisher

Sicherheitsaufkleber Essen und Trinken verboten

Food & drink prohibited

Sicherheitsaufkleber Rettungsweg/Notausgang rechts

Emergency exit (right)

Sicherheitsaufkleber Gehörschutz benutzen

Use ear protection

Sicherheitsaufkleber Allgemeines Warnzeichen

General warning sign