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How to remove your car lettering

You have old lettering on your vehicle or have bought a car that still has lettering? Here we have a few tips for you to remove.

Since no adhesive foils were used in the past, the frequently painted and varnished advertising had to be corrected in a time-consuming and expensive manner when the address on the vehicle was changed. With the use of adhesive films, any vehicle advertising can now be easily reversed. This question arises particularly often with leased vehicles, which must be returned after 3 years in the best possible condition. So that your car lettering is also removed cleanly and no residues are to be seen afterwards, you can adhere to the following instructions.

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This is how you can remove your lettering from your car:

First you need a hot air blower or hair dryer, a cutter knife and spirit as a cleaning agent. Since not every surface is equally suitable for the removal of lettering and can behave individually, it is important to know that different surfaces can behave differently. It can happen that some films can be removed well, others need a little more work.

It is best to remove your car lettering in a warm environment. Since the film adhesive reacts to the ambient temperature, the warmer the room or environment where you want to neutralize the car, the easier it will be. Now try to carefully lift the fonts and foils at the corners. You can do this carefully with a knife or your fingernail. Be careful not to scratch or damage the paint.

You will quickly notice whether the lettering can be removed well or less well. Ifnecessary, you can heat the adhesive foil even more with a heat gun. The foil becomes a bit tough and can usually be removed better in one piece. Feel free to experiment with the removal speed, temperature and angle.

After removal, it can happen (depending on the age of the lettering) that small adhesive residues remain on the paint. You can remove this carefully with a cloth and spirit. Stronger dirt can be removed with nitro thinner, for example. Be very careful not to peel off the paint and first try the solution on an inconspicuous area of the paint.


Depending on the age of the car lettering, the lettering may be slightly visible in the paint after removal. This shadowing is due to the fact that the paint has been protected from UV radiation by the adhesive film over the years. At the not inscribed places the varnish has taken on a slightly different colour. Here you can counteract with a car polish. By the treatment of formerly marked places and not marked varnish again a uniform varnish colour reach.

All information is of course without guarantee. If you want to remove car lettering, it always depends somewhat on the age, the films used and the temperature.

After removing the film, you can now write on the car again. More on the topic