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Signs are the classic means that you can use for the display of signposts or for your company logo. With us you can design your own sign for your individual purposes.

Aluminium composite plate and PVC hard foam platesWith

us you

have the choice between two different materials for your sign. On the one hand we offer you an aluminium composite plate and on the other hand hard foam plates made of PVC material. The 4-milimeter-thick aluminum composite panels consist of a core of polyethylene (PE), which is surrounded by two layers of aluminum. This ensures both great flexibility and excellent stability with low weight. The adhesive foil with your logo or lettering is then applied to the aluminium layer. The aluminium coating makes the signs very resistant to weather conditions and therefore very suitable for outdoor use.
The PVC hard foam plates

are made of foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC), on which the adhesive foil of your choice is directly mounted. The sheets are very light and extremely dimensionally stable, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Possible applications for your signPerhaps

the entrance to your office or practice is around the corner or even in the back building? Then one of our aluminium signs is the perfect opportunity for you to show your customers the way. Just put a sign on the street or on the facade, then everyone will find the way to you. On the sign you can put your company logo including opening hours and an arrow for the direction. This way every passer-by will see all important information at a glance and you will gain even more new customers. If you have your company in an office building with several companies, you can also refer to several companies with one sign. This can then be attached with floor information in the entrance area and every customer immediately finds the right floor.