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DIY decorations with adhesive foils

DIY decorations are the new hit for your home. If you don't want to have 0-8-15 decorative items in your home, make them yourself with our adhesive foils.

DIY pimp up your HouseYou

're getting ready to do some major

spring cleaning and want to throw away various things because you don't need them anymore? Stop! Maybe you can still make something out of it and create new decorations with these everyday objects together with adhesive foil


Here we have a suggestion for you how you can pimp these items. Since these are DIY pimp instructions, almost any kid can do it, including you.


have found an old lantern that you wanted to throw away? Then simply stick your favourite saying or a small motif of your choice on it

. Voilá the lantern is like new and does not look like the one your neighbors have.

What are also excellent next to normal lanterns, are old jars, jam jars or other glass containers

. You can glue them just like a normal lantern, put a candle in it and your new individual lantern is ready.

Do you know these small square glass candle holders? You can easily individualize them. Just stick your first letter and that of your partner or other family members on it. Distribute them around the house and everyone gets their own individual lantern. This idea is also perfect as a gift for the next party you are invited to.


Stairs and doorsYour

stairs are quite dull and boring in wood or stone optics? Just stick the spaces between the stair treads with colorful or patterned foil. In our shop you will find many tile films, decorative films or patterned films

. It's easy, quick and always an eye-catcher.

Your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen door is so boring in one colour and needs a new coat of paint? Why so complicated, order foils as circles, dots, triangles or another simple motif in your favorite color

. Now you can paint your doors individually. Never again boring doors in the house.


Flower pots and vasesWhen

you were

cleaning out your house you found old flower pots from last summer which are already losing their color? Don't throw them away, you can make them the highlight of your living room. Either you cover the pot with a monochrome foil, only the lower or upper edge, or you take the opportunity and create your own design. The design you then load into our configurator

and then it's just sticking.

Tip: If you find that the color still looks good, then simply stick your favorite motif, word or saying on the pot

. This is definitely individual and you won't find it in a garden centre.

Glass or porcelain vases can be glued in the rest just as

well, here you must only watch out when cleaning that, that water does not come under the foils because otherwise this can dissolve. Otherwise there are no creative limits. Just get started!

image title 50

Tiles and porcelain

If you still have old tiles from the last bathroom or kitchen remodeling left, perfect. You can easily make coasters for your glasses out of them. They look especially nice with patterned tile foils

. Guaranteed robust and chic.

You can also use our foils on porcelain. So if you have bowls, plates or bowls left over that you no longer need, stick them with beautiful films

. You can then use them for your jewelry, keys or other small parts for storage. Decorations

for the wallAny

old picture frame left over and no new picture at hand? Then take out the back and stick a motif, word or saying on the glass

and hang it on the wall without the back. Either you can do this by attaching a string to the wood or you can leave the back in if it still looks good and hang it up normally.

You can also redesign the frame of a picture frame with a foil

. Then you can use it normally for your dream picture.

Old wooden boards can also be used as a new wall picture. You may have to sand and glaze the board in advance so that the film holds better, just try it with a corner of the residual film that remains in the cut. You can stick a world map or a silouette of your favourite country on the wooden board. Or how about the skyline of

your heart's desire?

image title 51

As you can

see, there are no limits to your creativity with a DIY project. So in the future, don't throw awaythe old decorations but pimp them up with a little DIY creativity and adhesive foils.