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How to order adhesive letters

You can easily create your own adhesive letters online. Our configurator allows you to simply enter, design and order lettering and text directly online. How does it work? We show you in this article.

How to order adhesive letters online

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First of all, we would like to explain briefly what adhesive letters are: Basically, one speaks of adhesive letters when individual letters are produced independently from a self-adhesive film and stick to a surface (e.g. car). These letters are punched out of an already coloured adhesive foil (plotted). The shape of the letter or number is cut into the self-adhesive foil with a computer-controlled knife. Afterwards the superfluous foil around the letter is removed and a transfer foil is applied. This serves as a transfer tool to transfer the adhesive letters in one piece onto the desired surface. The practical thing here is that many letters (texts) can be applied together and not each adhesive letter must be stuck on individually. The technique is also called foil lettering. There is a large selection of different self-adhesive foils in different colours and textures.

Examples of adhesive foils: single-colour adhesive foil, frosted glass foil, reflective foil, blackboard foil, metallic foil, chrome foil.

Applications for adhesive letters include car lettering, shop window lettering, sign lettering, trade fair lettering, door lettering, wall lettering, etc ...

How do I create adhesive letters online?

Go to our adhesive letter configurator

1. width/height

Enter the desired width or height for your font / text. Please note that the size refers directly to the dimensions of the letters. There is no additional margin on the left and right, but the measurement is exactly the width of the letters. You can enter width or height here. The corresponding other value will be determined automatically. (Depends on the selected font and font size).

2. foil type

Now choose your foil type. You can choose from over 50 single-colour adhesive foils in matt or glossy. Additionally you can choose between neon and frosted glass foils.

3. text

Now enter your text that you would like to have as adhesive letters. Each line can be designed individually under point 4. Use the line break to jump to the next line. In the preview on the top right you can always see how your adhesive lettering looks like.

4. color / font / font style

Now you can design each line individually. Choose the desired color, font and font style (bold / italic), the alignment (left / centered / right) and the distance between the individual letters. The value Size is only relevant if you use several lines of text. The value here indicates the relative size of the individual lines to each other. Depending on the font, the text sizes behave a bit differently, so you have to try out a bit until you reach the right size.

5. own fonts

You have your own font that you would like to use? Upload it here and select it as the last item in the font dropdown menu. (Sometimes it can happen that fonts are not accepted. You can always send us an email here)

6. mirror

Sometimes you want the adhesive letters to be attached to the window from the inside and still be readable from the outside. To mirror your lettering, select the item "Mirror" here. You will receive your adhesive letters then for a rear glass bonding.

7. summary

In the last step you will see the summary of your adhesive letter creation. You can check the size, color and the lines and then enter the desired quantity. Due to our high quantity discount, you get a decent discount on your adhesive lettering already from 2 pieces.
If everything fits, you can now put them in the shopping cart and order.