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Sticker for your mobile phone or laptop

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them - stickers or also called stickers. These are also a highlight on your media devices, how that works we show you here.

What are the possibilities for stickers?

You can easily stick your media devices such as mobile phone, laptop, MP3 player/iPod or radio with large-area decorative films from our shop. If you want to have it even more individual, we recommend that you design your own foils.

There are cheap to free design apps with which you can quickly design a film. Download a suitable mask (outline) for your device in advance and use this as a template to have the correct dimensions for the design.

Professional tip: If you choose a simple or patterned foil in our shop, print out your template and then cut your foil to size

. You can also design the template with your dream foil then you get the foil already suitable for sticking.

Another variant are stickers in the form of stickers. You can get laptops that are full of all kinds of stickers, but why not design these stickers yourself? You can also easily design these stickers in a design app and adjust them to the appropriate and desired size. After that you can quickly upload the foil in our configurator

and order it.

Mobile phone/Smartphone/iPhoneDo you

want to recognize your mobile phone or iPhone faster, because everyone has the same one? No problem, there are two possibilities to use adhesive foils for this:

On the one hand you can stick foils directly on your device, no matter

if the

whole device is covered, it is only a sticker or the bitten off apple is integrated like for example on the iPhone. It will be unique in any case.

The other variant is, a transparent cover for your device on which you can stick your stickers/foils and your device sticker remains free.

image title 52

image title 53


same applies as already mentioned for mobile phones/iPhone. You can stick your stickers directly on the device or on a cover. The advantage of a cover is that you can sell the device again without removing all stickers before. The

cover you can then use again on a new device.

image title 54

image title 55


advantage of our stickers is that you can remove them as soon as you don't like it anymore. This is very easy and you always have a beautiful unique piece of your taste.