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Adhesive film for the shop window

Everyone knows the "Sale" or "New opening" adhesive films in the shop window, several times a year. We show you how you can easily attach and detach them again after the action.

Apply motif adhesive films to glass surfaces

Your film will be delivered rolled up in a bubble wrap. First you have to unrollit and lay it flat on a levelsurface.

To avoid bubbles and creases, smooth out the film on the backing paper.

Now detach a piece of the adhesive foil from the backing paper and fold the backing paper back a little.

Fix the adhesive foil on one side at the corners at the position you have determined before. Press a thin strip on the edge so that the adhesive film sticks.

Now you have tostroke from the top to the bottom over the adhesive foil and in the meantime you have to detach the backing paper from the adhesive foil piece by piece.

Continue to apply pressure evenly until the entire film is adhered to the surface.

Check especially the edges and corners whether the adhesive film holds here.

Your adhesive film should now stick evenly to the surface without bubbles. Small bubbles you can simply pierce with a needle.

Apply adhesive lettering to glass surfaces

You will receive your film rolled up and padded with bubble wrap in a package. Unroll it and lay it flat on a flat surface.

Brushfirmly over the surface to press all the letters back onto the transfer foil. Repeat this on the reverse side as well. All letters will now stick to the transfer foil.

Fix the foil at the right position with a strip of adhesive tape at the upper edge.
You can check the position with a meter stick.

Fold the entire foil upwards so that the motif is upside down. You can now see the back of the film (the backing paper).

Remove the backing paper at an acute angle. Now expose the adhesive side. (If letters do not yet adhere to the transparent transfer foil, brush them down again).

Fold the foil down again. Make sure that the adhesive foil does not stick unintentionally. Keep it taut and lay it flat on the surface.

Now stroke the transfer foil firmly and evenly from top to bottom with a squeegee or similar application aid. You press the letters with the adhesive side to the surface.

Now carefully (not too quickly) remove the transparent transfer foil. Make sure that all letters are detached from the transfer foil and stick to the surface.

Removing adhesive foils from glass surfaces

For the removal of adhesive foils from shop window glass surfaces you need a hot air blower (e.g. hair dryer) and spirit as cleaning agent. Depending on the age and size of the film on the shop window, some films may be easy to remove and others may require more work.

It is best to remove your window film in a warm environment. Since the film adhesive reacts to the ambient temperature, the warmer the room or environment, the easier it will be to remove. Now try to carefully lift the lettering and film at the corners. You can do this carefully with a blunt knife, your fingernail or e.g. with a vignette scraper. Be careful not to scratch the glass surface.

You will now quickly notice how and whether the adhesive film can be removed well or less well. If necessary, you can heat the adhesive film to about 50 degrees with a heat gun to warm up the adhesive. The film becomes a little tough and can usually be removed better in one piece. Feel free to experiment with the removal speed, temperature and angle.

After removal, it can happen (depending on the age of the lettering) that small adhesive residues remain on the paint. You can remove these carefully with a cloth and spirit.

All information is of course without guarantee. If you want to remove a glass surface, it always depends somewhat on the age, the used foils and the temperature.

Examples of adhesive films for shop windows from our Shop

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