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Your photo as adhesive foil on the wall

Why photo adhesive film instead of wallpaper?

Why you should prefer an adhesive film as a photo wallpaper to a conventional wallpaper has several reasons. Wallpapers are often already prefabricated and can therefore not be changed in size and pattern. Your own desire remains to you there, with an adhesive film you can determine your motif and the size yourself. Photo wallpapers are available in different materials and you have to know when and where to use which material best. Our adhesive film, however, holds on almost all surfaces and you do not have to worry whether you have chosen the right material.

In addition, the application of photo wallpaper is not exactly easy. Often this is delivered in several parts and must be assembled independently. Thereby edges and shifts in the pattern can appear if you do not exercise this craft perfectly. Furthermore, wallpaper must be soaked in advance and then painted over again so that they hold. The adhesive film , on the other hand, is delivered in one piece and can be easily applied only with the help of a squeegee. You have to follow the same steps as with any other adhesive film. In addition, you save yourself some time by not having to mask the room in advance, cover it and then clean it again, you only have to create space to your wall.

How to create your photo as an adhesive foil

image title 4

First you have to upload your dream motif. To do this, click on the button 'Upload file'.

Foto Hochladen 2

After that a popup opens, there you have to click on the button 'Upload graphic' and then choose your file from your harddisk.

Foto Klebefolien Art wählen

When you have done this you can see your motif in the preview on the right.

Foto Klebefolien Art

In the next step you have to choose the foil you want to have. For a photo sticker you have to choose 'digital print'.

Skalierung Foto Klebefolie 1

Only after you have chosen the type of film, you can choose the size in which you want to have your photo. But be careful! You can only enter one number, either height or width. The system calculates the other number automatically so that your picture is not distorted in the end.

Skalierung Foto Klebefolie

When you have entered your size, you can see the scaling of the photo on the right under your motif.

Foto Klebefolie Oberfläche wählen

After that you have to indicate if you want the surface of your motive to be glossy or matt.

Foto Klebefolie glänzend

For photo stickers the glossy surface is best. So choose 'glossy'.

Foto Klebefolie Form wählen 1

Once you have determined the type and surface of your photo adhesive film, you still need to determine the shape of your film .

Foto Klebefolie Form ErklärungIn the help function you can see exactly what shape will look like in the end. With the shape 'Rectangular' a white border will remain around your photo and with 'Without background' your motive will be exempted. But since it's a photo, the 'Outline' shape is best.
Foto Klebefolie Form wählen 2So you check the box 'Outline' and go on to the next step.
Foto Klebefolie spiegelnSince a photo sticker is usually applied to a wall and not to a glass door, you don'thave to check the box 'Mirrors' in the step 'Backglass application'.
Foto Klebefolie RandIn the next step you can specify if you want to have an additional border around your photo. You can choose the border in 1 cm intervals.
Foto Klebefolie DatencheckIf you want us to check your motive before printing you have to indicate it in this step. If not then select 'no'. The data check costs a little extra, but your motif will be checked and if the resolution is sufficient for the size you want.
Foto Klebefolie Datencheck jaWe recommend that you opt for the data check. Please select 'Yes, please perform data check'.
Foto Klebefolie in WarenkorbIf you are satisfied and have reached the last step you have to click on the button 'Add to cart'.
Foto Klebefolie VektorThis will open a popup asking you if you have a vector image of your file. If you have one just upload it on the left. If you don't have one, which is usually the case with a photo, please click 'Please vectorize my file'. This costs a little extra, but helps to achieve the best result in print. Afterwards please click 'Add motif to shopping cart'.
Foto Klebefolie Warenkorb KasseIn the last step you have to check your shopping cart if all details are correct and if everything is ok, click the button 'checkout'.