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How do we work and how are our products created?

In our shop you can find a variety of products, most of which you can even personalize for yourself. How it all works, we explain here.

Digital printing - how your motifs get onto the foils

Digital printing is a printing process in which the image is transferred directly from the computer to a printing machine, usually a laser printer. Unlike offset printing, no artwork is used. This means that each printing process can be carried out individually. This allows us to produce your motifs individually or multiplied. Due to the direct processing without any detours, we can transfer your desired motif onto the adhesive foil without any loss of quality and thus achieve an optimal result. Every detail is preserved.

Cutting plotter - what is a plotter and how does it work?

One of the most important machines in our production is a plotter, more precisely a cutting plotter. A plotter is actually used to transfer drawings on paper or similar by machine, and thus very accurately. We use the plotter to cut out the printed foils according to the wishes of our customers. The pen is replaced by a knife. So we are able to cut very exact edges or contours. This allows us to cut out your desired motif either with an outline, with a border or very precisely.

Weeding of our products - real manual work

After the cutting plotter has been used, we weed our products. This means that we remove by hand any foil remnants that do not belong to the lettering or logo that you have ordered. This is especially important if the lettering and its sequence are to be transferred to a carrier foil. With this carrier film, you then apply the lettering or logo to your shop window or vehicle, for example.