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Christmas as adhesive foil

Decorate your home for Christmas at the most contemplative time of the year? Here are a few ideas and decoration suggestions for you. Very simple and without effort.

Decorate for Christmas differently!

You want to decorate your home differently this year than in the years before? But you have no idea how to do it? No problem, we have come up with a few little ideas for you, with which you can easily decorate your home for Christmas. Whether furniture, doors, windows, glass surfaces or walls, with adhesive films you can stick on almost all surfaces and have your own individual decoration for the feast of festivals.

Christmas on your furniture

You don't want the same decoration every year? Then how about a new unusual decoration idea with adhesive foils. For example you can combine several foils from our shop. We tookadeer and stuckit together with the lettering 'MerryChristmas' on an ordinary coffee table. This decoration is guaranteed to have no one else like you and it is also chic, makes no mess and can be easily removed again.


Or how about stickingChristmas ball stickers on the front of a chest of drawers. You can find foils for this in our shop. These baubles will definitely not break if a child, cat or dog bumps into them. In addition, they also look very chic.

Christmas on the glass

Adhesive foils are not only easy to apply to window panes and look delightful, but also on vases, flower pots or other decorative objects. The foils can be easily removed after the festive days and leave no residue. If you stick small snowflakeson vases, as in this example, you can leave this decoration for longer than just a short time after Christmas. Because snowflakes are not primarily only for Christmas but for the whole winter season. This saves you directly after the Christmas days to take off any decoration and also have the other months a beautiful decoration in the house.

image title 13

Of course you can also stick other adhesive foils like deer, stars, fir treesor sayings on your glass surfaces.

You want to save a door wreath, but still make your front door inviting, Christmas? Then stick for example the sticker 'MerryChristmas' with the cute little deer family from our shop on your front door. A cute little idea how to design your front door in a different way. It does not always have to be the same.

Christmas on your wall

You have no idea how a christmas wall tattoo can look like on a wall? We have put together three examples for you. Choose your favourite motif in our shop, have it sent to you and the decorating can begin. The practical thingabout our adhesive foil is that it sticks to almost all materials and can also be easily removed after the holidays.

Keep calm christmas is coming (Weihnachten)

Let it Snow

Fröhliche Weihnachten

Merry Christmas

Frohes Fest (Weihnachten)

Merry Christmas

If you can't find the motif you want, you can also create your own motif andupload it to ourconfigurator and order it. This way you can order your own individual Christmas motif. It doesn't matter if it is only fontsor also motifs with picturesand drawings.

Still not sure?

For all who are now still undecided and ask themselves the question whether they like Christmas decorations on the walls or not, we have the ultimate tip:

Bring Christmas spirit with a quote of your favorite Christmas song in the form of a wall tattoo inyour own four walls. Everyone who enters your apartment or house will have this earworm all day. Because no one can resist when hereads'Last Christmas I gave you my heart' or'In theChristmas bakery there are some treats between flour and milk makes some Knilch a huge mess', everyone mustsing it while reading.

On it we wish you a nice earworm and a wonderful contemplative Christmas.