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Celebrate children's birthdays with our stickers

The birthday of your child is coming up and you do not know how to create the perfect party? With our floor stickers you can easily stick on indoor & outdoor e.g. playing fields.

Stick on playfields

Simply stick a playing field on the floor, play fun games with the kids and simply remove it again after the birthday without leaving any residue. It can be that easy when you use our floor stickers. For example, you can stick on a playing field for heaven and hell in the kids' room, or a small football or hockey field in the yard. Also a race track for toy cars is conceivable, or a man-against-all-odds playing field for oversized figures. There are no limits to your imagination. Our floor stickers last up to 3 days outdoors, up to 3 months indoors and can be removed without leaving any residue. The surface of the stickers is made of non-slip material, so there is no risk of injury by slipping. The stickers can be easily cleaned with clean water.

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Marking play areas

Especially at home there are always rooms or corners where fragile things are placed, where children should better not play wildly or with balls. For children's birthday parties, mark off these areas easily and visibly with our floor stickers. So everyone can see where it is allowed to romp and where it is better not to. You can also mark areas in the courtyard or on the sidewalk where the children can get creative with street crayons and where not.
But also indications like direction arrows or similar for a scavenger hunt can be realized well with our floor stickers.
You can apply them everywhere easily and quickly and remove them again without any problems after the game is over.

Board foil stickers on glasses

Especially when children are playing, they don't always think about where they put their glass or cup. We have a simple but good solution for this - with our inscribable stickers you can label each glass with a name. So every child will find his glass or cup again. And you save work, because not every child needs 3 glasses. Our chalkboard stickers can be written on with normal chalk and cleaned with clear water. Of course you can also use them to elegantly label gifts or toys.

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