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Customize suitcase

Enough of the 0-8-15 suitcase that everyone has? With our adhesive films you can recognize this faster, how that can look we show here.

Which suitcases are suitable for sticking?

In order to stick on suitcases, it must be ensured that they have a surface that can be sticked on. This means in the case of everyday Trolly it must be a hard shell case. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply adhesive films to fabric suitcases. With commercial suitcases which do not have a hard shell, only handles or name tags can be applied. With hard shell cases it is also possible to stick on non-smooth surfaces, here you only have to work with the structure. 

What can I stick on my luggage?

All our adhesive films are basically suitable for suitcases. But the best are stickers like these which can also be stuck on cars. Of course you can also order our wall tattoos in a small version or order your own motifs. If you prefer to have a word, a sentence or writing on your suitcase, this is also no problem. However, these adhesive foils are more difficult to apply to suitcases with an uneven structure. But it works. This makes it easy to personalise luggage, whether for private or business use.

Inspiration for you

If you still need inspiration, here are a few examples of what your trolly can look like.

image title 22

image title 23

image title 24


If you want to decorate your trolly you have to make sure that you clean your luggage well beforehand. There should be no greasy residues on the suitcase, it is best to clean it thoroughly with an alcohol-based cleaner beforehand. This way your motif will last longer as an adhesive film and will last for many trips. You also have to be especially careful when applying adhesive films to suitcases with a structure, here it often helps to use a soft cloth in addition to the squeegee. Otherwise, an adhesive film can be applied to a suitcase just as easily as to a wall or similar. Here you will find a tutorial.